Disruption to train services expected due to predicted ‘extremely’ hot weather

Southeastern trains

Southeastern will be running significantly fewer services tomorrow (July 25) and many trains will be much busier than usual due to a forecast for extremely hot weather

Speed restrictions will also be introduced across the rail network.

Metal rails in direct sunshine can exceed 50°C, and Network Rail needs to introduce speed restrictions to reduce the chance of rails buckling in the heat.

Trains that do run will take longer to complete their journeys – particularly on longer-distance routes.

Online journey planners will be updated today  with the detail of which trains will be running.

  • Southeastern advises passengers to avoid travelling, or re-time journeys to when trains are less busy.
  • If you’re planning to travel  on Thursday, allow extra time for your journey and check before you travel to make sure your train is running.
  • Passengers travelling in hot weather are advised to carry a bottle of water with them, and not to board a train if they  feel unwell.

The normal timetable is expected to return on Friday  when temperatures are forecast to fall.


  1. I beleive its because the rails dont have the gaps for expansion anymore , the rail is a continous welded rail , so there is no where for the expansion to go and track buckles !

    • There are expansion gaps, just not as frequently as they used to be.
      The perplexing thing is why Network Rail (or whatever it is) doesn’t plan for higher summer temperatures.. we’ve been having them for quite a few years.

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