Giant 99 ice cream to mark Dreamland’s 99th birthday – and preparations for 100th celebrations

Edith with the giant ice cream at Dreamland Credit Dik Ng

Dreamland amusement park has celebrated its 99th birthday – and the start of its 100th anniversary countdown – by creating a giant 99 ice cream on the park today (July 3).

The giant 99 was made using 40 litres of ice cream and a giant Cadbury’s Flake made up of 20 pieces of chocolate (Flake also turns 99 this year).

CEO Eddie Kemsley said: “We don’t do things by halves at Dreamland – we promise the biggest smiles, the biggest screams, and the biggest laughs. So we decided to start our centenary countdown with the biggest treat we could make!”

Only one little visitor, three-year-old Edith, was able to see the colossal confection but Dreamland will be keeping the birthday mood going on Saturday, July 6 by giving away ninety-nine ‘99’ ice creams to guests!

The first 99 customers who arrive at The Stylish Ice Cream Company’s van on the Food Court (by the Scenic Stage) will receive a free frozen treat, on a first come first served basis from 10am on Saturday.

The big birthday also marks the launch of the ‘Dreamland 100 Memories’ campaign, where past and present visitors to Dreamland can share memories and photos of the park from decades past.

Dreamland’s Scenic Railway officially opened on  July 3, 1920, and the park is planning a huge programme of events, installations and activities for 2020 to celebrate a century of good times down by the sea.

The park is now appealing to people of all ages to share their best memories – personal moments or ones passed down through their family – on a special Facebook group . The group will stay open over the next 12 months for people to keep sharing moments and memories as the park builds up to its centenary celebrations.

Eddie added: “There are so many incredible stories about Dreamland out there, and there must be hundreds of pictures we haven’t seen yet. We are particularly interested in identifying some of the people in our very old photos. So if you or your family were regulars at Dreamland in the past, and have the pictures to prove it, then please get in touch!”

“Whether you first visited nine weeks ago or you know someone who was here when Dreamland first opened in 1920, please share your story with us this year.”

Dreamland 1954

The park works closely with the Dreamland Trust – the volunteer organisation that champions Dreamland’s heritage and takes care of the park’s historic archives – and hopes to add to the extensive collection of memorabilia over the next year.

Anyone who wants to be first to hear Dreamland’s announcements for the centenary year programme of activities can sign up to the newsletter via the website

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  1. Wondering if it was possible to find someone who is 100 years old this day next year to celebrate dreamland and the scenic railway with who still lives in thanet what life that person could tell and the stories of dreamland itself. I remember 1964 going to dreamland with my granddad aunties mum and dad sister and brother with all of us riding on the scenic railway just think someone 44 years older and their memories good and bad. Thanks Kathy for the memory jog.

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