Group ‘attacked by 20-strong gang’ after a beach clean on Viking Bay in Broadstairs

The group of volunteers had been sat near the pier when the attack happened. Credit: Google Street View

A group of Folk Week volunteers having a barbecue and beach clean were set upon by 20 youngsters on Viking Bay last night (Saturday).

One woman was left needing her head glued together, while another suffered bruising to her eye.

Sarah Barnett, one of the people attacked, says they had been sitting listening to music and chatting just before it happened around 10.30pm on the Broadstairs beach.

“Our friend told these lads to stop tearing up some boats that were moored in the harbour and the next thing we know they all descended on us,” she said.

“There were about 20 of these children – and they were children, they could only have been 14, no more than 16.”

The 34-year-old teacher from Broadstairs says she was knocked to the floor and three boys and a girl got on top of her, leaving her with a swollen, bloodshot eye.

Another suffered a head injury.

“She either got hit with a rock or fell on a rock when someone punched her so she had her head glued together,” said Miss Barnett.

“I couldn’t believe it. We grew up round here, we used to mess about as teenagers but we didn’t cause any trouble.

“It’s weird as we’ve never been involved in something like this. A bunch of 30-year-olds hanging out and this happens.”

Video footage

One of the victims managed to get video footage of the group, some of who were on mopeds.

Miss Barnett added: “They were shouting ‘this isn’t the end’. It’s really pathetic.

“I didn’t hear it, but my friend said they were calling themselves the B Town Boys.

“Apparently they’ve been tagging Callis Court Road and Reading Street.”

A police spokesman said officers were called at 10.50pm to a report of a disturbance involving a number of people in the beach area of Harbour Street in Broadstairs.

“Four people reported they were assaulted,” she said.

“Officers attended the scene and enquiries are ongoing.”