Thanet Lifeguard carries out double rescue at Joss Bay

Thanet lifeguard Taine Carrick

A Thanet lifeguard carried out a double rescue at Joss Bay on Wednesday (June 26).

A swimmer at Joss Bay had to be rescued  at around 5pm after being swept out by a rip current. Moments later two surfers also collided.

The swimmer, who was being assisted by one of the surfers, was uninjured as Thanet lifeguard Taine Carrick took him to shore on the rescue board. As they reached the shore, a wave threw the two surfers together and resulted in one of them suffering an injury to his foot.

Taine rescued the casualty and applied first aid to the injury for 20 minutes before sending them to the hospital for further treatment.

Taine said: “Thankfully, it was a happy ending this time but it’s important to remember to always swim between the red-and-yellow flags and surf between the black-and-white flags; they’re the safest areas of the beach to do so.

“Alerting us or calling the Coastguard on 999 is the best course of action if you see an incident taking place – we never mind checking out your concerns as we’d rather be able to help before something turns into a serious situation.

“If you happen to get swept out in a rip current, swim to the left or right when you can and then back to shore when you’re able rather than fighting it and becoming exhausted. Shout and wave for help if you’re able so we can come and assist.”


  1. Total Hero! And so professional. Hope people are sensible and he and the other lifeguards have a calm weekend..☺

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