Third break-in at Ramsgate’s RNLI lifeguard unit

Thieves targeted the RNLI lifeguard unit Photo RNLI/Lucy-Jane Macgowan

The garage of the RNLI beach lifeguard unit in Ramsgate was broken into with a crowbar last night (June 26) – the third break-in this season.

A helmet was stolen from the site.

The incident was reported by a concessionaire, who noticed that the shutter doors were left open, exposing the garage contents. Some garage padlocks were broken in the attempt, leaving the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) vulnerable.

Lucy-Jane Macgowan, RNLI Lead Lifeguard Supervisor for the Kent beaches, said: “Our purpose is to save lives at sea and ensure that the public can enjoy the beach in this good weather.

“With our lifeguards going on full-time duty on July 6 in preparation for the summer holidays, it is imperative that we have all of our equipment available and functional in order to be able to act swiftly.

“The ATV allows us to get to incidents with speed. Had something happened to it, it is likely that we would have had to close down the beach. With a hot, sunny weekend forecast, we cannot afford for our equipment to be missing or out of action. If you know who’s responsible or saw anything, please call Kent Police on 101 and let them know.’”



  1. Gosh what a tatty looking garage anyone could break into there or set it on fire seems a lot of arson and crime going on lately …could do with a lick of paint RNLI and maybe alarmed and better locks and not left open …gosh that does look tatty! Still hope you find the helmet and culprit, probably sold it now for drugs or short of money!

    • Thankfully the RNLI don’t spend their donations on a ‘lick of paint’! And put them towards actually saving lives. The article states it wasn’t left open either but was opened by the thieves breaking in! This is horrible can’t stand thieves!!

  2. RNLI is a charity, their donations and financial support is better spent on saving lives rather than painting a storage unit don’t you think. its sickening to think that some low life scum bag doesn’t give 2 thoughts to the impact that missing equities could have on saving a valuable life. shame on them

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