A pod garden ‘oasis’ could be created in the middle of Margate town

This bit of land could be changed to house a garden pod

A piece of redundant ground could become an ‘oasis’ of nature in the centre of Margate if Thanet council approves a planning application.

The unused land is at the rear of 39-41 High Street, which is home to Ruskin, Margate House and Hotpod Yoga.

The application is to stop up the unused highway and create a pod garden that offers food, herbs and “a sensory delight in the centre of Margate.”

The aim is to construct a pavilion style urban farm bringing small-scale agriculture into the town centre.

The application has been made by Margate House owner Lana Vanzetta, who is a film maker, artist, and ex-fashion photographer.

Mrs Vanzetta says the land is currently: “a hotbed for anti social behaviour, drugs, drinking, crime and fly tipping.

“Young people vandalise the area and use it for binge drinking and smoking weed. Prostitutes use the rear disused council land. It becomes a “heroin shooting” gallery at night with needles and bags of drugs left scattered right outside my door.”

How it could look Image Margate House

In her application she said the aim is: “To develop and strengthen links with local residents, to combat loneliness and isolation by having a fun and beautiful garden oasis on the High Street.”

Mrs Vanzetta also hopes to  offer a range of training courses and workshops that will equip people with skills for other projects and landscape management and possibly to re- enter employment.”

It is also hoped the project will provide fun activities to encourage more people to learn how to cultivate food within their own homes, training activities with joint working between organisations that work with older people and/or people with disabilities and well -being days in the garden for socially and economically disadvantaged residents.

Margate House is a creative space available for hire.

A decision on the planning application, which was validated this week, is yet to be made.

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  1. think it will take more than this to improve Margate, the ‘little darlings’ will have a field day they can be antisocial in a nicer setting

  2. This is a great idea. Moving forward to is the only way things improve we can’t just keep sitting on our ideas and hands. We need to improve margate for everyone. Maybe the ones who are causing a problem will change there habits and start to want nice places to spend time

  3. I think your making Margate old town sound very undesirable, like Victorian Days !!
    Maybe we should be looking to help and include these ‘druggie’ sorts. Not banish them from their town. Because let’s be honest you want the road shut off because they make it look untidy! We are surrounded by agricultural land why do we need this here

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