A look at Ramsgate’s future in Project MotorHouse youth exhibition

Bureau de Change exhibition

What does the future hold for Ramsgate? If the art installation at 26 Harbour Street is anything to go by, there will be weird hybrid animals, bizarre medical practices and gaudy alien beauties as well as strange doings on the Goodwin Sands.

It is all part of a Project MotorHouse youth project called the Bureau de Change. The exhibition opens at 7pm on Friday, June 28 at 26 Harbour Street, Ramsgate,and is open 2pm-6pm Monday to Saturday until July 13.

Jo Mapp who co-ordinated the project for MotorHouse, said: “You can even take home a piece of art. There are plenty of fun souvenirs to be had at really good prices.”

The work has been created by students from the Royal Harbour Academy under the guidance of two heavy hitters in the visual arts, Sadie Hennessy, Print Fellow at the Royal Academy and photographer Jason Evans whose work is in the Tate Modern Collection.

Five participants from earlier MotorHouse projects assisted Sadie and Jason and there was additional input from award-winning digital artist, Tim Topple and videographer Dan Whitehead.

“There’s so much gloom around at the moment. This is a quirky and humorous vision of the future that should cheer us all up,” said MotorHouse’s Janet Fielding.

The Bureau de Change is funded by the Arts Council, Awards for All and the Lawson Trust. The youths assisting Sadie and Jason are funded by the Big Give.