Pavilion in Birchington will be flattened due to vandalism leaving it in ‘dangerous’ condition

The Pavilion will be demolished Photo TDC

The Pavilion in Birchington Memorial Park will be demolished due to constant vandalism which has left the building in a dangerous condition.

The property is derelict and efforts to keep it secure have failed. The decision has now been taken to flatten it with preparatory work taking place from today (June 18).

A council statement says: “In spite of our efforts to secure the building, it is subject to constant vandalism and attempts to gain access. Bricks have been removed from load bearing walls which means that the building is now hazardous to trespassers.

“In the interests of public safety, the Pavilion is planned to be demolished with enabling work starting today. This decision has been taken following a recent site inspection where the property was deemed to be a dangerous structure.

“The building sits within Birchington Park, which is being prepared for community asset transfer to Birchington Parish Council. The decision to remove the dangerous structure has been made in consultation with Birchington Parish Council which remains fully supportive of the action being taken.”

Birchington Parish Council will consult the community over future facilities for the park.