Council to launch criminal investigation into Margate flytip

The flytipped waste Photo John Horton

A criminal investigation is being launched by Thanet council after a flytip in Margate.

A pile of waste, including wood and an old mattress, was tipped in All Saints Avenue at the entrance to the industrial estate.

Thanet council was notified this morning and an enforcement team visited the site and found evidence pointing to the source of the rubbish.

A council spokesman said: “Our enforcement team has visited the fly-tip and found evidence of the source of the waste. We will therefore be pursuing this as a criminal investigation. The waste has been stacked and will be collected by street cleansing tomorrow.”

Disposing of waste

Registered waste carriers can be checked on the Environment Agency website.

Thanet District Council offers residents a bulky waste collection service for a nominal sum.

Kent County Council operates a recycling centre at Manston Road which is open daily.

Reporting fly-tipping

Anyone who witnesses fly-tipping is encouraged to report it online or directly to [email protected]


  1. thanet council are a disgrace because they do not address this situation well enough
    my neighbour phoned the council and asked for her missed recycling to be collected which they had missed three times and she is fuming.
    Fly tippers gave me a load of verbal abuse when then dumped a bed and a door and now there is new fly tipping and an overflowing bin with dirty nappies in it …get a life TDC bunch of time wasters who cannot deliver any service

  2. This will get much worse now !because of the money grabbing charges being charged at the tips , be prepared to see mountains of waste all over Thanet!

  3. I opposed the charges but outvoted by the tories on Kent county council, so please note this when you come to vote.

  4. Another load similar to this was dumped outside Thanet Scooter Supplies this morning and part has been collected by TDC but a mattress and electric fan is still getting booted about in the vicinity.

  5. Crazy to charge for recycling – Kent CC apparently don’t even make a surplus from it! Better to have free disposal than a dogmatic adherence to charging for the sake of it!

  6. TDC & waste management are joke!! We have had our waste bins missed for 6 weeks, took the recycling but not the waste. Even when reported, it just built up & up. ( I wonder if I could claim a refund on that part of my council tax?!) They won’t do anything, they’ll clear it away because it’s in a visible location and it’ll happen again. As someone has said before, it’ll get worse now they charge at the council tips that we all pay for. Total insult.

  7. If the KCC charging to tip rubbish has resulted in rubbish being fly tipped on the streets of Thanet then the KCC should be held responsible for it and it should be the KCC who remove the fly tipped waste and pursue the offenders.
    Not THANET council.KCC have helped to create the problem they should be held to account for their actions.

  8. When I visited the ‘dump’ yesterday I discovered that the recycling is now operated by Biffa and *not* by TDC. I found this by enquiring whether they had any red bags as I’m still waiting for a delivery from TDC after about 5 months! They said.. oh no.. that’s the Council.. and waved over in the direction of the site next door.

  9. I agree with a number of the comments, but if people buy a new mattress/fridge/bookcase etc they should have plans for how they intend to dispose of their old items before doing so.

  10. My recycling bin has not been emptied yet again. It’s constantly happening and I’ve had to report it yet againb

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