Clearance underway following A299 crash at Monkton

Work is taking place to clear the scene

Work is taking place to recover a vehicle following a crash on the A299 at Monkton.

Kent Police was called to the crash of a single car on the road at around 1.50pm today (June 4).

There were no reported injuries and work is ongoing to recover the vehicle. The road remains open.


  1. Roundabouts are becoming very dangerous now as so many drivers in thanet use the turning left lane for turning right and cut straight across you, or when you come to turn off there is a car there which shouldn’t be from the left hand lane….

    • That’s what I find annoying too. I think they lack basic rules of the road. I think the Highways need to paint all areas around roundabouts to inform drivers of which lane they should be in. Although some drivers probably wouldn’t see that either, or not want to see it. Everyone is in such a rush, why? Another issue, drivers insist on cutting corners on junctions, thus come on to your side of the road. I’ve had close encounters a number of times. Why do drivers do this, so annoying?

      • What about the roundabout after the Ebbsfleet one to go to Ramsgate, people using the left lane to go right as they don’t want to wait. I had one car undertake me on two wheels to get past yesterday and a couple of days earlier I was overtaken as I was turning right (I’m a delivery driver and my speed is tracked, some people don’t won’t to be stuck behind a van doing the speed limit)

  2. Not Every Picture Tells A Story, the car was on its roof because it had been hit by a car transporter which had presumably been moved out of the way by the time the pic was taken

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