Hopes to attract more cruise ship arrivals at Ramsgate Port

Silver Cloud Photo John Horton

Thanet council says it hopes to be able to accommodate more cruise ships at Ramsgate Port in the future following the berthing of the Silver Cloud vessel yesterday (June 2).

No further arrivals are currently booked but it is hoped the Silver Cloud will highlight the town and amenities.

The Silver Cloud is a small cruise ship operated by Silversea Cruises, a privately owned luxury cruise line. She entered service in 1994 as Silversea’s first ship. Her sister ship is the Silver Wind, launched in 1995.

Photo Mark Stanford

Th 514ft ship has nine decks and can carry 296 passengers and 222 crew.

Photo Shauni Reed

She docked at Ramsgate in a scheduled stop with passengers being brought ashore in small crafts.

Photo Mark Stanford

Once on dry land they were greeted by a Thanet council team and Ramsgate events organiser and historian Ralph Hoult. Buses were available to take the visitors to see local sites of historical interest.

A commemorative plaque exchange also took place.

Captain Adam Boczek, Cllr Jason Savage and Anne Savage

Thanet council chairman Cllr Jason Savage, who attended the plaque exchange with wife Anne, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Silver Cloud on her inaugural visit to the Port of Ramsgate.

Photo Mark Stanford

“We exchanged commemorative plaques to mark the occasion. We sincerely hope that this visit is the first of many. Ramsgate is a fantastic town and we were pleased that passengers had the opportunity to explore and delight in its architecture and maritime history.”

The ship departed for Tower Bridge just after 8pm.


  1. Great to see the Silver Cloud – a taste of future Ramsgate. I’m sure there will be lots more cruise ships coming once Brett expand their operations with our money being used without scrutiny to upgrade their berth. Bayford should hang his head in shame at his gross mismanagement of Ramsgate Port. Resignations should be in order.

  2. Sorry, the cruise ships won’t come if they have to tender passengers ashore. Even on a small ship that is an inconvenience that is unacceptable. If Ramsgate wants to play in this market that need a berth that ships can dock alongside.

    • Cliff T, on what evidence do you base your statement? Many popular cruise destinations need small boats to get the passengers ashore, and for many passengers these small boat trips are the highlight of the trip.

  3. I don’t think there will be many other cruise ships arriving at Ramsgate harbour to see the sights of Thanet. We haven’t got a lot going for us in comparison with other sea ports available. I wonder what those tourists thought of it. Did a reporter get to speak with any of them to find out?

  4. Attracting ferry/cruise ships would certainly put Ramsgate and thanet back on the radar. Ramsgate has been hard hit in recent years but is now on the up with the renovated Victoria parade (weatherspoons), Albian hotel, Ramsgate tunnels, Zest bar etc.

  5. Considering the lack of fendering on the berth and absence of tugs, damage incurred by the silver cloud makes it unlikely any further visits from this ship!!! TDC at its best yet again

    • Adam were you there? The ship didn’t go on a berth, it was quite capable of maneuvering without tugs (as most small cruise ships are) and sustained no damage. I watched it turn around in the turning circle perfectly happily.

  6. If you go on a Med Cruise there are places subject to having to go off Ship in a Tender. So what it is part of the experience and we wish Royal Harbour all the best in this venture.

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