Nursery children in St Peter’s learn about looking after mental health

Mental health awareness at Smiles and Giggles

Smiles and Giggles Nursery School in St Peters, has been teaching its little ones about looking after mental health.

The Albion Road nursery teamed up with Gemma Taylor from  JJ and Roos, who made a collection of t-shirts and hoodies with the staff and some of the children wearing them all week.

The front fence was decorated in green quotes and there were information leaflets and pictures on display to encourage discussion of mental health and get the message home that “its ok to not be ok”

Staff member Laura Rayner said: “The nursery decided that raising awareness of mental health was vitally important. Parents may suffer from mental illness and part of our job is to support the whole family and help them seek help.

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“Sometimes we are the only adult contact a parent might have all day, we are the ones who see parents regularly and can spot mood changes and attitude adjustments. Teaching children about good mental health is vital, the skills they learn now to regulate their emotions and talk about emotions and feelings will stay with them for life.”

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  1. to try and lift some of “the stigma” around mental health ???

    We are now teaching even the smallest of children to believe there is one?

    That is cruel.

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