Youth Strike 4 Climate UK protest to take place in Margate today

Youth strike Photo UKSN

Thanet youngsters will be joining a UK-wide protest over climate change today (May 24).

The ‘strike’ is organised by ‘Youth Strike 4 Climate UK’ and is part of 108 protests taking part across the UK. The aim of the strike is to raise awareness for climate change and help fight for our futures.

The protest is taking place by the Margate Clocktower from 11am – 2pm.

The first Youth Strike 4 Climate Change took place in February, including in Canterbury, and action in March and April followed

Youth Strike 4 Climate is a new environmental movement supported by UK Student Climate Network.

Those involved with the UK Student Climate Network are campaigning for a Green New Deal , which aims to transform the way that we live.


    • Funny????… They’re clearly protesting to stop emmiting so much co2 into the atmosphere cause they actualy care about their future. Just cause they’re teenagers don’t mean they can’t make their voice heard. That was pretty insensitive cause this is a major problem in our world alot of us feel strongly about this and if the older generations arnt gonna do anything about it then we will cause it’s our futures that’ll suffer.

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