Armed police called to Newington after report of man ‘with a firearm’

Officers in St John's Avenue Photo Donna Hollands

Armed police have been called to Newington this evening (May 23) to a report of a man with a firearm.

Officers are in the Kimberley Road/St John’s Avenue area. A man has been arrested on suspicion of a firearm offence and a property is being searched.

Photo Chardy Tamara

Witnesses report five men being escorted by officers out of a flat, with one arrest, and a number of police vehicles parked in Kimberley Road.

Photo Jimmy Fisher

The incident comes just two weeks after armed officers were called to Auckland Avenue, later extended to Pegwell, following reports of an armed man.

Photo Chardy Tamara

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 4.12pm  to a report that a person had been seen possibly carrying a weapon in St John’s Avenue, Ramsgate.

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“Armed officers attended and arrested a man on suspicion of a firearms offence. No weapon has been recovered at this stage and a search of a property is ongoing.”



  1. What is going on in thanet, no one is safe on the streets or in the home, we need to sort thanet and the country out sod voting for EU, let’s get our own place sorted first.

      • All l can say do your research to crime and violence in thanet this year alone and this weekend is no difference read about the trouble in Ramsgate, people just turn a blind eye to it!!!

        • In March 2019, 63 crimes of violence /sexual assault were recorded in Ramsgate. There are about 40,000 residents in Ramsgate. So, even if each of those crimes involved a different victim, nearly 40,000 people in Ramsgate were not the victims of violence/sexual assault.

    • It is too dangerous to venture out in the evening on your own and I agree with the above comments!

  2. I moved away from London to get away from this. I think it’s time to get out of this country or maybe a different planet ????????????

    • I will be right behind you, l think it would have to be a different planet, my father Fort in ww2 for this country l always wonder how he would fill to see what has happened to it

  3. The percentage of Ramsgate residents who are victims of violent crime is so low that I think most of us need not be afraid for our safety, or even nervous. The ratio of violent/sexual assault in March was 1 crime per 615 residents.

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