Emergency services called to Ramsgate after person falls from cliff

Emergency services

Police officers and ambulance staff have been called to Ramsgate after a person went over the cliff edge today (May 20).

Officers were called to the area near Victoria Parade at 12.22pm.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Officers are currently assisting the South East Coast Ambulance Service (Secamb) at the scene after a person had fallen down a cliff.”

A Secamb spokesman said: “We are in attendance following reports of a fall from height.”


  1. I
    Maybe some safety nets should be deployed in those worse affected areas with long drops like in other areas. There seems to be just a low railing that anyone can climb over.

    • It’s common sense to most people that cliffs are high and if you go over there’s a good possibility that you won’t survive. At the bottom of the cliffs there can be rocks or deep water. There’s the possibility of course that there could be a promenade where if they are unlucky you could end up as a bloody heap in front of people who are taking a stroll.Why should everything have to be made so called safe just in case someone decides that they might be able to fly from a cliff top

      • Not heartless just rationale. Why waste money making it extra safe? This wasnt a accident. If someone wants to die they will find away. More needs to be invested in mental health services.

  2. Maybe some people need to have some compassion who cares that you are currently in skiathos

  3. I was up there at the time this poor person decided to end thier life,as luck would have it i did not see them let go,but others did..i feel saddened for the person who fell and for the poeple who saw this terrible event..who knows what makes a person take their on life it is very sad..

  4. This lady had very recently lost her gorgeous son in a suicide so don’t comment until you know the horrific circumstances!!! Hoping you never have to go through this!! But you will never know until it happens

  5. I knew this person so very very sad no one
    should judge as mental health is a horrible thing. What a lovely person she was. She lost her brother years ago to suicide how can you ever get over such a loss. Her poor family is who I feel for. Absolutely heartbreaking news. My love goes out to the family.

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