Emergency services attend crash in Ramsgate

Emergency services

Emergency services have attended the scene of a crash in Ramsgate.

Kent Police received a report of a collision involving up to three vehicles at 4.54pm today (May 17).

A police spokesman said: “Officers are currently attending the scene in Chatham Street in Ramsgate, near the junction with Chatham Place. The Kent Fire and Rescue Service, and the South East Coast Ambulance Service have also been informed.”

Work is ongoing to recover vehicles.

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  1. When I went past at 5pm there was a police car in attendance, with a Fire engine and an Ambulance. The firemen were using cutting gear.I am not sure about the status of the occupants of the vehicles. The incident seemed to involve a car entering Chatham street and colliding with a vehicle driving down Chatham Street near the entrance to the ASDA supermarket. There was extensive front end damage to one car and it may have pushed the other vehicle into a parked people carrier and in the process crushing it on both sides. Significant kinetic energy must have been expended to create the amount of damage to the 3 vehicles.

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