Apocalyptic art on show in Margate

Ross Berry in action

Metal sculptor Ross Berry is hammering out a place for himself in Margate’s growing arts scene.

His exhibition, Disgraceland – the 7th Gallery of the Apocalypse, is an iron and steel-shod wry look at life.

The ex-soldier and former blacksmith to a Scottish Duke uses traditional smithy techniques to create a variety of thought-provoking and often amusing works such as Bungee-jumping Jesus; the Solemn Men of Margate and Sermon on the Boing.

“Working with metal in a forge isn’t just an industrial process it is also incredibly creative,” he said.

The exhibition, running now until May 31, is one of a regular series of displays throughout the year at the Fort Road Yard, Margate. Other exhibitors include Libertines frontman Pete Doherty and the graffiti artist Chu.

Ross teaches smithing techniques at his forge attached to The Timber Batts Pub, at Bodsham, near Canterbury, where he and wife Sarah also have a Museum of Curiosities.

Disgraceland – the 7th Gallery of the Apocalypse is at the Fort Road Yard, Fort Road, Margate, CT9 1HF from May 11 to 31, 10am to 5pm.



      • It’s a shame you feel that way. I think the artist captures beautifully the grace and dynamism of the preacher that was Christ.
        After all, his ‘jump’ on Good Friday was preceded by nerves (in the Garden of Gethsemane).

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