Grandparents enjoy ‘come dine with me’ session at Chilton Primary School

Come dine with me at Chilton

Grandparents enjoyed a tasty treat when they were invited to ‘come dine with me’ by their grandchildren at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate.

They settled down to a Friday lunch with boys and girls – the invitation was so appealing that there were five sittings throughout the lunch time period.

The menu included fish fingers or veggie sausages, peas, beans and chips, with a pudding choice of strawberry mousse or fresh fruit.

Chloe Ballantine, head of the kitchen team, said: “It was so busy. We usually cater for around 260 meals – this time we served around 420.

“Everybody tucked in and enjoyed their lunch.”

Head of School Kate Law said: “We hold several ‘come dine with me’ sessions during the year and they are really gaining in popularity.

“The children enjoy bringing various members of their family into school for a meal. It is a lovely friendly social occasion and it also encourages families to get together and chat over their meal and sample yet another part of school life.

“At Chilton we strongly believe in the value of community and togetherness. We love to involve our families in all aspects of our school life wherever possible. They are always so supportive and it was lovely to see so many take part in the come dine with us experience.

“Once again our catering team were flat out but rose to the challenge magnificently and provided tasty food and a smoothly-run operation.”

The final word goes to the grandparents – one granddad said: “I haven’t had a school dinner for 55 years – it was lovely”, while another grandmother added: “Can I come every day?”