Chilton Primary School issues statement after pupil leaves site by squeezing under locked gate

Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate has issued a statement after a boy left the school site this morning (May 10).

The youngster had squeezed under a locked pedestrian gate. He had been at school during the morning but had run away from staff and managed to get under the gate. The school says he was quickly found and returned and measures are in place on the gate to stop any repeat incidents.

A statement issued by head of school Kate Law says: “We are responding to social media posts and speculation: A child left the school site this morning. He was under adult supervision and squeezed under a locked pedestrian gate.

“Measures are in place on the gate already to prevent a recurrence. Staff responded immediately as he left the school site and he was returned safely extremely quickly. His mother works closely with the school and she has said that the school does everything it can to keep her child who has additional needs safe: ‘They have put so many measures in place already and I am happy that my child is safe at school’.”

Mrs Law said the school security is constantly supervised and under review and children are taught regularly about how to keep themselves safe.

She added: “We are working very closely and continuously with this child’s family and we have their full support.”

The boy’s nan has posted to Chilton Primary’s facebook page to express her support for the school. She said: I am the nan of the child in question today and just wanted to add my support towards all of the staff, from teachers and volunteers to the maintenance staff for their outstanding support towards my grandson and my daughter.

“All the staff at Chilton School have done everything feasible to create a safe and secure environment for my grandson including extra fencing and security on the gates. I have nothing but admiration for the staff, their dedication towards helping us has been incredible. My grandson has ASD and ADHD and is extremely clever, trying to contain him anywhere is a challenge for all of us. For anyone slandering the school and staff I would ask that you check the facts before you judge and destroy a schools outstanding reputation.”