Thanet council to get cash for new rough sleeping centre in Ramsgate

Photo by Ben Marsh-Allen

Thanet council is to receive a share of £4.4m of government cash for a new rough sleeping centre in Ramsgate.

The facility will be one of four opened in the south east as part of a national scheme to provide support to people living on the streets.

A spokesman for the ministry of housing, communities and local government confirmed Ramsgate as a location for one of the centres.

Helping to tackle homelessness on the isle

Thanet Council is among 19 local authorities in the south east – seven in Kent – to be allocated this latest funding after receiving £367,322 last year from the government to support those sleeping rough.

The cash was used to establish a multi-agency team, working to help rough sleepers in the area.

A dedicated coordinator, substance misuse worker and mental health worker are now working alongside three additional Porchlight workers.

A seven-bedroom unit of supported accommodation has been launched and the funding has also provided an additional 600 nights of temporary accommodation placements, to give respite to rough sleepers when needed.

This latest round of funding, part of a total £100m pot from the government’s rough sleeping strategy scheme, will be used to continue the work.

The money will help people sleeping rough in Thanet

It is allocated to the 83 areas with the highest number of rough sleepers, of which Thanet is one.

Housing and homelessness minister Heather Wheeler says it is part of steps being taken to ensure people in the south east never have to face even one night on the streets.

“These are vulnerable people, who may be dealing with complex mental health problems or addictions and require specialist support to tackle these issues and turn their lives around,” she said.

“The funding confirmed today will ensure those sleeping on the streets have access to the professional help and guidance they need to get back on their feet – taking us one step closer to ending rough sleeping for good.”



  1. That’s good. Especially coming from a Central Government which actually causes people to be homeless. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  2. Interesting how there seems to be so many more homeless people sleeping on the streets since all this funding started arriving ? Either the funding isn’t being used in the best possible way or the area is starting to become a magnet for homeless people thinking the area has a lot of support to offer.

    • The governments changes to legislation and taxing of landlords as well changes to benefits ( now difficult to get direct payment to landlord and there are a substantiall minority of tenants who have difficulty managing their money) has meant that many landlords have decided to sell up, especially houses of multiple occupation. The reduction in the number of available rooms has meant landlords that remain are able to pick the best tenants leaving others nowhere to go, there is no social housing and if the tenant has lost their accomodation for non payment of rent they are considered to have made themselves homeless and council has no responsibility for them. Even where resources are available single males have the lowest priority.

  3. The money issued previously has not been used wisely in the way that it attracts the wrong people to be administrating the funds, and those others taking money to support the homeless. There needs to be more stiffer checks on those managing, and on every other aspect to stop funds being frittered away.

    I hope the money Thanet receives this year will be enough to convert a building and provide enough rooms for those that are in desperate need so they no longer need to be begging on the streets.

    The government could change this by providing support with benefits to those in need instead of sanctioning them by removing what they are entitled to then issuing funds like they are here for homeless shelters. It’s a ridiculous situation by a bad Government under the Tory rule.

    • I feel a great many of the young adults living rough are teenager who have in the past been Foster children in care ,and have been given little guidance or help in supporting themselves through to adult life,there is just nothing in place for them

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