Thanet district election 2019: The results

Verification taking place

Results from Thanet’s district election vote are being announced today (May 3).

Currently the verification process of ballot papers has been completed and it is now time for the count to begin.

The turnout was 30.15%.

The turnout for the 2015 election was 71%, however that year was also a General Election. The 2011 district election turnout was 42%.

The 2015 results

Party nameSeats won% of votes
 Conservative Party Candidate1831%
 The Labour Party Candidate212%
 Labour Party212%
 Independent Group11%
 Green Party02%
 Liberal Democrats0< 1%
 The Green Party0< 1%
 We Are The Reality Party0< 1%
 Thanet Independent Group0< 1%
 Liberal Democrat0< 1%
 Ramsgate First0< 1%

Live – results as they are announced

Newington ward

Labour candidates Karen Constantine and Rick Everitt have been voted in for Newington.

Cllr Constantine took 412 votes, Rick Everitt 365 votes, Katie Gerrard Green Party took 209 votes, David Spicer Conservative 188, and Sandra Spicer. Conservative, 181.

Turnout 21.14%.

Cllr Constantine said: “I want to thank the people of Newington for putting their trust, faith and confidence in me for this huge challenge. Labour wants to reverse the austerity agenda.”

Cllr Constantine also thanked all the other candidates and parties for ‘keeping democracy vibrant.’

Kingsgate ward

Bob Bayford, Conservative, takes the seat with 413 votes. Dick Symonds, Labour, took 200 votes. Turnout was 35.57%.

Cllr Bayford predicted “an interesting afternoon”  saying this year would be the ‘strangest’ election he had ever experienced.


Labour take the two seats with Pauline Farrance taking 314 votes and Candy Gregory recording 286 votes.

Richard Baxter, Independent, 184 votes; Robin Edwards, Thanet Independents Party, 200; Luke Evans, TIC. 210; John Finnegan, Lib Dem, 199; Callum Gurr, Lib Dem, 124; David Wallin, Conservative, 265 votes.

Turnout 24.94%.


Labour candidates have taken Nethercourt ward. Liz Green, with 509 votes, and Tony Ovenden, with 411 votes, take the two seats.

Stephen Byrne, Conservative, 312 votes, Colin Grostate, Conservative, 355, Tim Spencer, Green, 249, Paul Weller, UKIP, 203 votes.

Turnout 32.09%

Sir Moses Montefiore

Another win for Labour with Pat Moore, 416 votes, and Mark Hopkinson, 406 votes, taking the seats.

Terry Connor, UKIP, 186; Gary Perkins, Independent, 195, John Holmes, Conservative, 277; Paul Messenger, Independent, 206, Vic Todd, Conservative, 255 votes.

Turnout 29.75%


Another Labour win with Steve Albon, 655 votes, Helen Crittenden, 633 votes and Corinna Huxley, 599, votes taking the seats.

Tricia Hartley, Green, 553; David Kingham, Conservative, 275; Janet Kingham, Conservative,272, Sarah Larkins, Independent, 303 and Peter Parsons, Conservative, 254.

Turn out 26.67%


Conservatives take the two seats with Jill Bayford, 619 votes, and David Parsons, 577 votes.

Jemima Brown, Labour, 309; Robert Stone, Lib Dem, 204; Margaret Symonds, Labour, 272; Mel Winter, Green, 325 votes.

Turnout 39.08%

Cliffsend and Pegwell

The two seats have gone to the Conservative candidates Brenda Rogers, 648 votes, and David Stevens, 596 votes.

Steve Ansell, Labour, 227; Michael Barnbrook, The For Britain Movement, 255;  Graeme Birchall, Independent, 278; Christine Hudson, Labour, 267; Abigail Randall, Green, 319 votes

Turnout 36.91%

Beacon Road

Conservative Paul Moore, 368 votes, and Labour’s Aram Rawf, 363 votes, take the seats.

John Buckley, Thanet Independents Party, 260; Ian Ellard, Lib Dem, 60; Jane-Lee Hopkinson, Labour, 353; Charlie Leys, Conservative, 323; Hazel Slater, Thanet Independents Party, 230 votes.

Turnout 30.96%

Central Harbour

Two Labour and one Green seat for Central Harbour. Raushan Ara, 909 votes for Labour, Peter Campbell, Labour, 878, and Becky Wing, Green, 765.

John Davis, Conservative, 346; Morgan Harris, Conservative, 322; Samara Jones-Hall, Independent (withdrew from the election), 109; Tom King, Labour, 556; James Thomas, Conservative, 264; Mandy Shonk, Thanet Independents Party, 386 and Trevor Shonk, Thanet Independents Party, 436 votes.

Turnout 33.2%

Viking ward

Independent Ruth Brackstone-Bailey, 776 votes, wins a seat alongside Tories Mave, Saunders, 791 votes, and David Saunders, 770 votes.

Roger Binks, Conservative, 770 (lots drawn); Fiona Crawford, Labour, 625; Jeremy De Rose, Lib Dem, 281; Terry MacDonald, Green, 599; Annie Watson, Labour, 534 votes.

Turnout 36.76%


Thanet Independent Councillors take all three seats. Lynda Piper with  494 votes, Stuart Piper, 516 votes and George Rusiecki with 425 votes.

Don Challinger, Labour, 343; Keith Clarke, Conservative, 263; Mary Dwyer-King, Labour, 371; Ross Holding, Conservative, 208; Nickie Holding, Conservative, 210; Peter Wharmby, Labour, 368 and Jordan Williams, Lib Dem, 98.

Turnout 24%


Conservatives Mick Tomlinson, 431 votes, and Ash Ashbee, 413 votes, take the seats.

Margaret Hay, Labour, 245; Clementina Onwuegbute, Labour, 223; Barry O’Brien, Labour, 211; Tony Uden, Green, 262.

Turnout 29.26%

St Peter’s

Green candidate Mike Garner, 657 votes, and Tories Jason Savage, 755 votes, and Roy Dexter, 768 votes, take the seats.

Gail Banks, Lib Dem, 322; Phil Coulson, Labour, 492; Sarah St John, Labour, 455, Marc Rattigan, Conservative, 652 votes.

Turnout 30.88%


Conservative Kerry Boyd, 333 votes, and Thanet Independents Party John Dennis, 386 votes, take the seats.

Peter Evans, Conservative, 305; Michal Kleszcz, Labour, 134; Barry Lewis, Labour, 149,; Roy Potts, Thanet Independents Party, 289.

Turnout 22.94%

Margate Central

Labour candidates Rob Yates,  451 votes, and Helen Whitehead, 482 votes, take the seats.

Gary-Paul Derriman, Ind, 157; Robin Haddon, Conservative, 147; Barry Millen, Conservative, 135; Sue Rees, Green, 174, David Wells, Thanet Independents Party, 157.

Turnout 25,04%

Thanet Villages

Trevor Roper, for Greens, takes a seat with 599 votes and Conservatives Reece Pugh, 638 votes and  David Hart, 602 votes.

Angie Curwen, Lib Dem, 567; Del Goddard, Labour, 223; Jeremy Kitt, Lib Dem 416; Guy Wilson, Conservative, 460 votes.

Turnout 31.12%

Cliftonville East

Conservatives take all three seats with Lesley Game, 1076 votes, Stephen Shrubb, 951, and Cedric Towning, 870 votes.

Jane Hetherington, Labour, 410; Reg McLaughlin, Labour, 349; Kanndiss Riley, WEP, 317; Matthew Shoul, Labour, 375.

Turnout 33.29%


Two Conservatives Sam Bambridge, 598 votes, and Matthew Scott, 640, and Thanet Independents Party Bertie Braidwood, 626 votes, take the seats.

John Cornwall, Labour, 366; David Donldson, Labour, 362; Rob Edwards, Green, 470; Carol Messenger, Conservative, 528; Cheri Pennington, Lib Dem, 214; Martyn Pennington Lib Dem, 281.

Turnout 31.44%

Birchington North

Tories Simon Day, 739 votes, and Keith Coleman-Cooke, 666 votes, take the seats.

Jill Britcher, Labour, 247; Karen Roper, Green, 423

Turnout 37.44%

Birchington South

Conservatives take all three seats. Phil Fellows, 720 votes, George Kup, 714, and Linda Wright, 743 votes

Suzanne Brimm, Ind, 616; Richard Lockwood, Labour, 298; Robert Wright, Lib Dem, 314

Turnout 30.41%

Cliftonville West

Labour take the three seats with Harry Scobie, 665, Heather Keen, 672, and Alan Currie, 724.

Steve Campbell, Thanet Independents Party, 314; Peter Cook, Thanet Independents Party, 327; Darryn De La Soul, Lib Dem, 239; Mark Mulvihill, Conservative, 245; Jeremy Scarlet, Conservative, 241, Ed Targett, Green, 442, Avril Towning, Con, 209

Turnout 29.3%

Dane Valley

Thanet Independent Party councillors Gary Taylor, 631 votes, Linda Potts, 539 votes and Labour’s Ruth Duckworth, 437 votes, take the seats.

Martin Boyd, Labour, 415; Leo Britcher, Labour, 391; Matthew Brown, Lib Dem, 234; Ian Gregory, Conservative, 405.

Turnout 25%

This means the make up of Thanet council is now  Conservatives 25, Labour 20 seats, Thanet Independent Party 7 seats Greens 3 seats, Independent one seat.


  1. Great to see the Labour surge, also a strong showing by the Green Party who came 2nd to the Tories in Bradstowe ward.

    Another reason for celebration is the defeat of the egocentric misogynistic Gary Perkins and the despicable
    racist Paul Messenger in Sir Moses Montefiore ward. This demonstrates the good sense of the residents!

    • Magdalena, that’s exactly right, it’s hard to imagine a more egocentric thing to do than sitting on a toilet outside TDC offices for a few hours. As for the good sense of the electorate well I hope you can celebrate a 30% turn out, I’ll certainly be thanking the 195 people who voted for me by continuing to work hard keeping our streets clean and campaigning creatively when the Council fail to deliver on their promises.

      • Thank you Jeni! He has made very spiteful comments about Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt and Pat Moore. There is no need for such nastiness and spite, more kindness is what we need!

        • “No need for such nastiness and spite, more kindness is what we need” …..who wrote your initial comment???? Talk about hypocrisy…….

    • Two Tories won Bradstowe but Greens did win one in St Peter’s,one in Central Harbour and one in Thanet Villages.

  2. Huge congratulations to Labour’s Aram Rawf newly elected in Beacon Road ward. Commiserations to Jane Lee-Hopkinson a woman of principle.

    • Second that comment – Aram is a good man who has contributed so much to the community. More I dare say than most of the self-serving other alleged representative including those in Westminster..

  3. Thanet new sea of red and green shows the extent of the concern about the absurd smoke and mirrors DCO for Manston currently underway. I voted against my party politics to ensure an anti airport vote was counted. This sea change of local results proves yet again that support for the airport is in fact a vocal and tiny minority out of touch with the facts and not backed up by any evidence. The MPs for Thanet North and South should take note and I say this as no fan of Labour. Say not to the DCO. Say no to a 24/7 cargo hub and congrats to the Greens, I’m sure if they had stood more candidates and the Lib Dems they could have made some ground.

    • Say ‘NO’ to thousands jobs in Thanet? you are slightly more slightly daft than Constantine

      • RSP say that their plans for a cargo hub airport include almost total automation, so… not thousands of jobs in Thanet. Pollution yes, noise yes. Lots of jobs, no.

      • Maybe a couple of hundred jobs. A freight hub using up to date tech will not need many people aside from the lorry drivers

      • “Daft” is a word I would use to describe the notion that RSP (no longer based in Belize – they’ve “re structured” to the British Virgin Islands) will produce any jobs at all.

  4. Great result in central harbour ward. All those supporting the cargo airport have been soundly defeated. Ignore the electorate at your peril is the message from these local elections.
    Congratulations to Becky Wing, our first green party councillor, and to Ara and Peter, who will fight hard for the interests of those who live in Ramsgate.

    • Hear! hear! Well done to all three newly elected Councillors for Central Harbour! Best of wishes to you all, Bev Perkins

  5. Congratulations to Becky Wing first Green councillor elected in Central Harbour. Also, to Independent Ruth Brackstone-Bailey in Viking ward. Good to see the scheming Tory KCC councillor pushy Ros Binks outmanoeuvred, having pulled strings in order for hubby Roger to stand in what she thought was a ‘safe’ Tory seat!

  6. All the candidates have dodged the main Manston issue which is firefighting foam toxic residue able to access Thanet main water supply. plus there is a very slow moving police economic crime unit inquiry re Annax/Riveroak/TDC

      • No airport = persistent toxic foam residue still a problem. Southern Water have no answer re testing the water supply aquifer Manston. Local Plan inspector has called on TDC and Southern water for water quality report. And the problem is reported to National Planning and to Secretary of State for Health. TDC due to threat of legal action and pressure via Environment Agency and National Planning are now conducting review of their contaminated land strategy. The problem being they never complied with statutory duties Environmental Act 1990 And that spilled over 2007 and 2012 duties in NHS Planning Law. Rendering the recent JCCG decision re stroke units well unlawful.

  7. Delighted to see the Labour and Green success and the clear message of no airport at Manston. Let’s hope the new councillors have the vision and courage to help shape a better future for Thanet.

  8. The turnout was 30.15% equalling 100,969 of the electorate. That mean we’ve got over 300,000 people living in Thanet at the moment ?????

  9. It seems Paul Messenger’s Islamophobic comments might have prejudiced his wife Carole’s chances in Westgate as she was not re-elected.

    Not surprising to see that Gary Perkins’ supporter ‘Ramsgate Resident’ is just as misogynistic as he is judging by the comment on this page!

  10. The point is, the Thanet electorate is sending a clear signal they do not want a 24/7 day and night cargo hub. It’s a shame some have told themselves we do so often they believe it, but the residents say otherwise and we always have. Say no to the DCO. Say no to cargo plans 300 feet over our harbour day and night. Our voices will not be drowned out by a vocal minority who are swayed by sentiment over reason.

    • I am still a firm believer that a cargo airport is the way forward. If people don’t like the nose don’t live near an airport and move. I hope it still goes through and before you comment this is the first time I have commented and am a disabled person so have not been on any marches etc to do with this. There are more of us than you think.

      • The way forward for what? Noise, dirt, pollution? If people like the sound of aircraft 24×7, then go and Clive in Hatton Cross. Don’t inflict it on the rest of us.
        There are more of whom ? Judging by the posters round town, the big majority of people don’t want a cargo hub with night flights. Judging by the turn out are the NNF meetings last year compared with SMAa’s BBQs, there’s an overwhelming majority of people against the cargo hub.
        And even if there were not, how would you get the airport up and running? Do you have the necessary £350M? How would you get the land from the lawful owners?
        Being disabled hasn’t discriminated against you. There haven’t been any marches.

  11. How the heck did Day win Birchington North, he never responds or acknowledges emails.
    He’s the invisible councillor

    • We have a similarly uncommunicative Tory councillor in Kingsgate. Cllr. Bob Bayford is renowned for ignoring emails and phone calls from residents. How bad do Tories have to be nationally and locally before people stop voting them in?

  12. Congratulations to Ruth Brackstone Bailey, newly elected, truly independent councillor for Viking Ward. She already does so much for Broadstairs in a voluntary capacity and will be a wonderful asset, a voice of reason and common sense in her new role.

  13. Even now the hostilities between all voters and everyone wonders why this country is in turmoil so much bitterness and all worried about themselves about time you started growing up and stop taking your stupidity out on each other and work togeather thanet is in a mess what ever and who ever is in the seat its gonna take a miracle to sort it out so condolences to the people who have not won and congratulations to you who have won seats now just get the job done and stop making false promises.

    • Having an opinion and a different voting choice is not hostility, it is democracy. Compromise and partnership are part of work as well as politics. Thanet is also not a mess. Somewhat neglected by TDC on the real priorities but a mess? I don’t think so. Thanet has a huge amount going for it.

  14. Sorting out the mess is problematic, because just how to define a) the mess and b) the resolution of it is what defines politics. Just look at Brexit. No matter what eventually happens, around 50% of those who voted are going to be really hacked off.
    Politicians have to make false promises, otherwise no one would vote for them.
    “Vote for me, I’m going to put taxes up” or “vote for me, I’m going to cut taxes”. Which do you suppose gets the most votes?

  15. does it really need 3 lots of people to look after one small area of cliftonville, it should be just one vote for one person not three.

  16. all results are meaningless as people either didn’t bother voting or protest voted because they are fed up with the brexit debacle, and the lies told by the now dead ukip. the vote should have been about local issues but i bet that was a long way from everybody’s mind. brexit clouded peoples minds, but i also bet everybody will deny it.good luck to all those elected but it was a protest vote at the end of the day.

  17. I think local issues were probably on most people’s minds. The results certainly weren’t meaningless.

    It’s good to see Labour and the Green Party doing well here.

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