Police investigate after election candidate is subjected to racial abuse in Ramsgate

Cllr Raushan Ara

Police are investigating after a Ramsgate election candidate was the victim of a torrent of racial abuse.

Raushan Ara was canvassing in the High Street last Friday (April 26) when she was approached by a man who had been drinking who then began shouting racial abuse.

She was then followed into her restaurant in Harbour Street where the man continued to yell abuse at her.

The mum-of-two said: “My colleagues and local people came to my protection, driving him away. After 10 minutes I went to Ramsgate Tandoori to meet a friend. I was shocked and frightened to find he had followed me and come into the restaurant where he continued to verbally abuse me. Luckily I had my friend with me who attempted to calm him down. Due to all his shouting neighbouring shop owners came and finally got him to leave.”

Raushan says the incident is just one of a number that take place in the town due to drug and alcohol problems.

She added: “As summer is coming we will have a lot of visitors and it is essential that our town centre is welcoming. The number of antisocial incidents greatly increases during the summer with most fuelled by alcohol.  We need a combination of dispersal order zones and more CCTV alongside community policing to create safer spaces.

“There is also the issue of safety for rough sleepers at night who are  subject to abuse as more people come into the town. Ramsgate has seen a visible increase of rough sleepers and begging in the town centre. This is due to the ending of the Thanet Winter Shelter.   The cycle of rough sleepers returning to the town each summer continues. Thanet council needs to provide long term solutions throughout the year not just for the winter.”

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police is investigating a report of racial abuse in Ramsgate High Street on  April 26.

“A report was received that the victim was abused verbally between 11.30am and 12pm.”

The case has been referred to the Community Liaison Officer.

Reporting racial or hate crimes

To make a report call Kent Police or go into your nearest police station. For advice on supporting victims of hate crime speak to Thanet local Community Liaison Officer Tim Weaver by emailing [email protected]

Find more advice here 

If you’d prefer to speak to someone else about what’s happened:

Go online to the True Vision online reporting website

Call Victim Support on 0300 303 0156


  1. This is an embarrassment to Ramsgate. Racism has no place anywhere in our society, least of all our town. Racists are not welcome. Makes my toes curl reading about stuff like this in a modern world. Whoever spewed their bile should be jailed for a month and then community service for 5 years. Idiotic and ignorant. Only a shame they were not arrested.

  2. This is not on I know Raushan Ara
    and her husband they are one of the nice’s people you would ever like to meet. It is unfortunate it shows the political times we are in .Raushan Ara is not got the same political Views as Me.
    I am standing as Liberal Democrats Candidate in Salmestone Ward but respect other people’s views this was uncalled for.

  3. It is typical of Raushan to turn the attention away from herself and put the focus on the needs of the people of Ramsgate.

  4. racism is a form of bullying, and encouraged by bigotry by some right wing newspapers and politicians who try to divide us .

    • it is not a right wing issue Cllr it is a systemic issue of all political leanings the problem is Major parties are now defunct. It is not a brexit thing eithe. It is Folks being stupid and wanting their 15 min of fame it is the grand theft auto generation

      • Oh but it is. There is a handful of right-leaning newspapers that are far too quick to lay the blame for our woes and ills on immigrants’ doorsteps rather than in the lap of the Tories. They are the ones who have wreaked havoc with this country over recent years.

        • You are right Tony, the Tories thrive on sowing division. We have a chance to vote them out locally tomorrow…let’s go for it!

      • You are right Tony, the Tories thrive on sowing division, supported by newspapers such as the Daily Mail and the Express. We have a chance to vote them out locally tomorrow…let’s go for it!

  5. I’m greatful to the IoTN in offering its helpful advice on what to do in these sort of circumstances.
    Where is the nearest police station that is open and actually has police officers in it? It’s certainly not in Ramsgate.

    • Yes, the Police now do surgeries in Ramsgate Library. What are they thinking? The Ramsgate Police station is redundant! No wonder the centre of Ramsgate is rife with drunks, abusers, racists, stabbers, pugilists and a night-time economy that is out of control. Walking down Harbour Street in the early evening now feels dangerous. This is a direct result of Tory Party political choices!

  6. This is an absolute disgrace! For someone like Raushan, who puts everyone elses’ interests above her own, to be abused in this way is shocking and sickening. People with drug and alcohol related problems need help, but this is certainly not acceptable. Keep strong, Raushan!

  7. I am a British/Mauritian OAP, retired teacher n nurse. I had a major accident in Ramsgate High Street, Elli gton park. I was very privileged local people came to my rescue n helped. Would like to say a Mega thank you to all the very kind men n women who came to look after me, while waiting for police, ambulance n firemen. I am feeling much better but. still in pain. Many thks to ambulace n firemen crew n the police . I am so sorry to hear about Raushan, but some people get a buzz when they racially abused us. I have my share of insult too. Luckily 99.99 % people I know are descent n friendly n caring.

  8. I am sorry I suffer from Dsylexia and some time I forget to read it back. I am a lot better than I used to be . with all the practice I am getting from John

    • A pertinent point ‘if you can find them’! Tory cuts to police budgets have ensured a rise in crime across the board. Its very noticeable in respect of anti-social behaviour incidents such as this person’s drunkenness and racial abuse.

  9. Hmmm . . .more political clap-trap from Cllr Lewis – blaming right wing newspapers and politicians for racism.

    Is he trying to imply that the left wing press and politicians are whiter than white as well as holier than thou ? ? ?

  10. So sorry this happened to you Raushan. It’s not acceptable and I’m glad to hear that the community came together to drive him away. With all the work you do in Ramsgate to help others, this is especially disgraceful.
    We’ve all got your back.

    • Very brave. The only backs that are ‘got’ by you appear to be metaphorically stabbed because they don’t agree with you.
      Raushan Ara should not have to endure this. Nor anyone else, but despite advice community safety in Ramsgate, in particular, is failing us all.
      Harbour Street is a mess.

  11. Sorry I can’t vote for you as I live in a different ward but I m appalled to hear what happened to you. Hope you are OK

    • There is a shortage of decent candidates to vote for throughout Thanet. Kingsgate residents have only 2 candidates: the lazy ineffective Tory TDC Leader Bob Bayford, renowned for his indifference to residents’ concerns and for ignoring emails and phone calls and Dr. Dick Symonds (Labour) who is hindered by the fact that Labour have not canvassed the neighbourhood or circulated any leaflets.

      Worse still is the situation in Sir Moses Montefiore ward where dispicable racist and self-confessed liar Paul Messenger is standing alongside the ridiculous Gary Perkins who would be laughable if it were not for his bullying attitude towards women and misogynistic behaviour.

      • Let me guess. Mrs H. and friends? Definitely a Labour Party Passive Aggressive Progressive. Kindness, intelligence and integrity – my arse!

      • Dear anonymous Magdalena, thanks for the mention and offering me another opportunity to remind the electorate that robust challenges to corrupt, self serving, bitter and coercive “would be politicians and campaigners” within the Labour Party is not bullying, nor is it misogynistic. Yes, the worst culprits among the bullies and liars I will continue to fight against are in fact women, but you do the strong, determined and community minded women that are often the target of vicious and unsubstantiated attacks from within their own party an injustice by feebly accusing me of misogyny. If you cared anything for fair and kind politics you’d be looking elsewhere instead of lazily trying to smear me because of my gender. Good luck to all the hard working candidates across Thanet today. If you’re still concerned I might be the bullying misogynist or the laughable ridiculous figure Ms Magdalena paints there’s still time to for due diligence…https://www.votegary.co.uk/

  12. There are despicable knuckle dragging thugs in Thanet that somehow believe they are a superior race. They contribute nothing to the image of the town, unlike Raushan who is a shining example of community spirit.

  13. Mohtarma Raushan is right to draw attention to racism behaviour and its root causes at the local level. I hope that the Labour Party leader does the same against some of his colleagues who are accused of racism behaviour at the national level.

  14. Last election I and my partner hot verbally abused and shouted at by ex councilor John Edwards, ( labour) so much so that neighbours came out to see if we were ok. This was because I refused to vote labour or Tory. These incidents are the normal in local politics.

  15. What are you talking about Rakesh Mathur?
    Please, beings almighty, that it’s not anti-semitism.

  16. I lived and worked in Ramsgate,many years ago,I met my late wife there I was eighteen at the time,several people I worked with men resented me just because I came from the smoke London.took a locals job didn’t like it.them type of people are still,head up my love,be strong.

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