Police investigate after election candidate is subjected to racial abuse in Ramsgate

Cllr Raushan Ara

Police are investigating after a Ramsgate election candidate was the victim of a torrent of racial abuse.

Raushan Ara was canvassing in the High Street last Friday (April 26) when she was approached by a man who had been drinking who then began shouting racial abuse.

She was then followed into her restaurant in Harbour Street where the man continued to yell abuse at her.

The mum-of-two said: “My colleagues and local people came to my protection, driving him away. After 10 minutes I went to Ramsgate Tandoori to meet a friend. I was shocked and frightened to find he had followed me and come into the restaurant where he continued to verbally abuse me. Luckily I had my friend with me who attempted to calm him down. Due to all his shouting neighbouring shop owners came and finally got him to leave.”

Raushan says the incident is just one of a number that take place in the town due to drug and alcohol problems.

She added: “As summer is coming we will have a lot of visitors and it is essential that our town centre is welcoming. The number of antisocial incidents greatly increases during the summer with most fuelled by alcohol.  We need a combination of dispersal order zones and more CCTV alongside community policing to create safer spaces.

“There is also the issue of safety for rough sleepers at night who are  subject to abuse as more people come into the town. Ramsgate has seen a visible increase of rough sleepers and begging in the town centre. This is due to the ending of the Thanet Winter Shelter.   The cycle of rough sleepers returning to the town each summer continues. Thanet council needs to provide long term solutions throughout the year not just for the winter.”

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police is investigating a report of racial abuse in Ramsgate High Street on  April 26.

“A report was received that the victim was abused verbally between 11.30am and 12pm.”

The case has been referred to the Community Liaison Officer.

Reporting racial or hate crimes

To make a report call Kent Police or go into your nearest police station. For advice on supporting victims of hate crime speak to Thanet local Community Liaison Officer Tim Weaver by emailing timothy.weaver@kent.pnn.police.uk

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If you’d prefer to speak to someone else about what’s happened:

Go online to the True Vision online reporting website

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