Margate Coastguard called out to report of dead ‘dolphin’

Photo Margate Coastguard

Margate Coastguard was called out today (April 21) to a report of a dead dolphin on the beach behind the Winter Gardens.

Once on scene it was established that the animal was a harbour porpoise and members of the public were advised to stay away.

Measurements were taken and information gathered to be sent to the Natural History Museum. Thanet council has been notified to arrange removal.

Harbour Porpoises can be spotted close to shore in relatively shallow water, especially in tidal races and around headlands. They are usually solitary or in small feeding groups of up to 10. They are pretty shy and will avoid boats and Jetskis – though they are known to be more curious in some areas around the UK.

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  1. The French fisherman are known to use a method called Pulse trawling. Their nets put an electric charge along the sea bed to stun the fish before the net scoops them up. It is a murderous and indiscriminate method that regularly results in the death of porpoises and other sea mammals. A real possibility, but not guaranteed cause of this casualty.

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