Big Naturals wine bar set to open in Margate

Big Naturals opens this month

Report by Jodie Nesling

A new wine bar evoking the spirit of  Spain’s bustling tapas bars is set to open this month.

Big Naturals will open next to celebrated seafood restaurant, Hantverk & Found and will serve quality, natural wines in a casual but vibrant atmosphere.

Owner Kate De Syllas says the bar will be primarily a place to stop for a drink with a quality selection of natural wine.

Natural wines are growing in popularity and are produced with less technological and chemical intervention.

Kate said: “We really felt there was a need for a place you can just pop in to have a really good glass of wine and maybe a bite to eat. It’s basically a bar where you just come in for a drink and have food if you want to.

“There will be some dishes available from the restaurant and others like charcuterie and live parfait, people won’t need to book a table. We wanted it to be fun, with people drinking and close together like the tapas bars in Seville.”

Influences from continent will also inform the bar with baroque design and in tongue-in-cheek takes on recipes.

“We wanted to bring the fun back with loud music and a good atmosphere.”

Big Naturals plan to have a launch party with tattoo artists in the gallery.

The opening date, and party, is expected to be April 18 from 7pm and 10%  of the opening weekend sales will go to Breast Cancer UK.

The launch is guest list only,email [email protected] for your place.

Big Naturals will open Thursday -Sunday with plans for longer hours during the summer months.

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