Free gleaned potatoes and broccoli on offer to isle community groups

Kent Gleaners in action

Free potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli are on offer to any community groups that can use them.

Sharon Goodyer, from Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet, and the Kent Gleaners have picked the produce today (April 12) in Wingham.

There are approximately 400 kilos of potatoes and 200 kilos of broccoli.

Kent Gleaning Network coordinator Carrie Eales said: “Gleaning is such a wonderful demonstration of community cooperation. Today we’ve got members of several community groups and volunteers from Cummins, a local engineering firm, all working together to rescue great produce from going to waste.

“Thanks to Sharon at Our Kitchen, this food will be distributed to charities throughout Thanet, ensuring vulnerable people have access to nutritious fresh food. This veg is perfectly fresh and nutritious, its only crime is to be the wrong size, shape or slightly too ripe for the strict cosmetic standards of commercial buyers.

“Thanks to today’s food waste heroes this produce will travel rapidly from farm to fork and will be feeding Kent’s most vulnerable people by tomorrow.”

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Email Sharon on [email protected] or find the Our Kitchen page here


  1. What an absolutely brilliant idea! It’s so heartwarming to see people taking the time to do this.

    • it is a good idea to make this free local produce available to those who are elderly and living on their own ( this includes me!!!!) I am setting up a network of collection points so that we can make it easier for people to collect this food. There should be lots more of it as we go through the year: leeks, apples, blackcurrants, potatoes, cauliflowers and pears.
      I will issue a map showing where these collection points are as soon as I can. I think the local churches are going to offer to do some of this which will be a great help.
      Gleaning is good exercise and very sociable. I meet interesting people every time I go. The potatoes and broccoli make a good supper if you peel the potatoes, cut off the stalks of the broccoli , half cook them by steaming or boiling and then cover them with a cheese sauce and bake for 20 mins until gilden and bubbly.

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