Crow caught in act of ‘vandalism’ at Margate Cemetery

Caught in the act Image from footage by Funk Dooby

Video taken at Margate Cemetery has raised the question over whether crows could be responsible for some of the vandalism at the site.

Last week flowers and pots were strewn across the cemetery from plots 3000 to 4135.

The incident was reported to Thanet council and an appeal for CCTV has been made by resident Stephen Macabe whose great-nan’s grave was one of those affected.

Although in that incident heavy pots were also disturbed, meaning people rather than crows may still be the culprits, and barriers have also been broken on occasion, video shot by a Margate photographer at the site shows some damage may be due to the birds trying to find food in the bottom of flower holders.

The footage, by ‘Funk Dooby,’ was sent to Thanet council following the incident with the message: “This behaviour is quite common – they remove the flowers and then, where possible, the cover so they can get to the holder underneath which often have slugs and other creatures in them, which the crows then eat.  They often leave a trail of destruction behind them which does look very much like human vandalism.”

A Thanet council spokesperson said security is in place at the site: “There are a number of security measures in place at the cemetery including regular rounds of nightly patrols by officers.

“The incident was reported to Thanet District Council on Friday morning and the area was immediately tidied by grounds staff. It has also been flagged to the assigned Police Community Support Officer (PSCO).”

The Friends of Margate Cemetery have also pledged to keep an eye on the site. Chairman Humphrey Dawson said: “The Friends do try to keep the area nice.”

Anyone who would like to volunteer with the group can call Treasurer Norman Smith on 01843 831474