Appeal for CCTV after vandalism at Margate cemetery

Stephen Macabe would like CCTV to protect the graves from further vandalism (cemetery photo Ian Holmes)

An appeal is being made for CCTV to be installed at Margate cemetery following vandalism of flowers and pots last week.

Margate man Stephen Macabe has approached Thanet council’s cemetery manager, his ward councillor and MP Sir Roger Gale to help his appeal after vandals trashed items on a number of graves, including Stephen’s great-nan, last Thursday.

Stephen, 30, found out about the destruction, which took place between plot numbers  3000 and 4135, on Sunday.

He said: “My great-nan’s grave, which is also where my nan’s ashes are,  was vandalised with plants snapped and broken pots.

“It is so upsetting for people who have family members there at rest, it needs CCTV coverage because although gates are locked at night they still get in.

“I am just distraught that graves have been trashed and flowers and pots chucked about. It is not fair for people who have loved ones there. We need CCTV to protect those who are now at rest.”

A Thanet council spokesperson said the incident has been flagged up to area PCSOs.

They added: “A cemetery is a place of remembrance and any news that vandalism has occurred is particularly distressing. There are a number of security measures in place at the cemetery including regular rounds of nightly patrols by officers.

“The incident was reported to Thanet District Council on Friday morning and the area was immediately tidied by grounds staff. It has also been flagged to the assigned Police Community Support Officer (PSCO).

“This appears to be an isolated incident, limited to one particular area of the grounds. We would urge anyone who sees anything of this nature taking place to report it to the police immediately.”


  1. Absolute scum that would desecrate a grave. TDC should have wardens/groundsmen during the day and CCTV to back up at night,but this will never happen. The inept council will just blear on that they can’t afford it,but they can afford to send inspectors round to see if they can push the memorials over and deem them unsafe. Remember local elections are next month and people should add this to the long list of reasons to get the current administration out and sack the directors thus making TDC as an organisation cease to exist.

    • Thanet Council are to blame for everything in the whole world. Apart from Steve’s lack of knowledge or understanding. That’s all on him.

  2. Just goes to show young people today(I don’t mean all I know that there not all the same) have absolutely no regard for anything but stupid behavior

  3. Rob Yates and I met with Stephen today and he is still anxious to see CCTV at the cemetery. I will be seeing an officer at TDC on 17th and see if the mobile cameras might be used from time to time.

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