Dreamland plans for ’12 month business’ and more Margate hotel spaces

Dreamland wants to operate across the year

Expanding events, festivals, gigs and looking at further possibilities for hotel accommodation are some of the plans Dreamland has to create an all-year around business.

The amusement park, which relaunched for the second time in 2017 after a £25million investment from company Arrowgrass, opened for the season last weekend (April 6) and has more than 70 events lined up this year.

The aim is to expand what’s on offer for residents, boost the Margate economy, offer year-round work contracts and explore options for keeping visitors to festivals and gigs in the town with more hotel choice.

In February Dreamland’s parent company Margate Estates gained approval for its 124 bed hotel on Marine Terrace in the ‘Godden’s Gap’ space and at the site currently occupied by Ziggy’s rooftop bar and the adjoining building.

Margate Estates Dreamland hotel image

The six storey hotel will contain a gymnasium, meeting rooms, a shop or café with frontage onto Marine Terrace, a restaurant and bar at the ground floor and a rooftop bar.

But there could be more hotel plans to come.

CEO Eddie Kemsley said: “We are currently looking at ways to increase the number of hotel beds in Margate and will continue to look at that throughout the Summer.

“Margate needs more hotels. We want to do more events out of he main season, live music, Halloween, Christmas, and in order to do that we have to have [places for people to stay.

“Having more events off season means contributing more to the Margate economy and making sure we are a 12 month business means short term contracts can be made permanent.

“We want residents to know we are here for them, whether it is dropping in for half an hour and having a cup of tea or making a whole day of it, because the town, the Trust, TDC, the Heritage Lottery and others fought so hard to save Dreamland.


“We really want to focus on lots of different things to attract different audiences – music, live performances, in-house entertainment with kid’s shows and activities, film nights returning and film afternoons on the big screen.

“It is a fantastic park and we want everyone to be able to enjoy it.”

Eddie also revealed that the park’s free entry, currently running from now until May 24, will be reviewed to see if it can be extended.

Preparations are also underway for a major celebration next year when Dreamland celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Open for Easter

The world’s biggest bouncy castle Photo Frank Leppard

From April 6-22, Camp Bestival brings a taste of its family festival to the Margate amusement park with live music, rides, and entertainment for all the family.

There are three unique Bestival installations to explore – the 8m tall Love-Bot that spreads love and joy to all, a mini temple and Bollywood chill out zone, and The World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle, which is taller than the Great Wall of China and accommodates 100 bouncers at a time. Competitive souls can try the wobbly Olympics, festival mask making, and visit some cute and occasionally creepy creatures in the Dreamland Ark.

Entry to the park is free. Visitors can buy unlimited ride wristbands in advance (25% off when bought online at https://www.dreamland.co.uk/events/listings/eventdetail/7511/9/easter-at-dreamland), or choose Dreamland Membership for unlimited rides during park opening plus special discounts and exclusive membership perks on food and drink and ticketed events all year round.


  1. Bring the Nayland Rock Hotel into the group and upgrade that. From the same group of owners Turn above the old Woolworths store into a Hotel. Purchase the site next to the Turner Gallery and build the hotel that KCC have dropped.

  2. Why not open up a new Bingo hall & do something for the locals being they have closed the Beacon ( is that to make space for a bigger hotel?) everything to bring money to margate but please remember those that live here need places to go all year round especially in the older age group.m

  3. Me and my family absolutely love dreamland…Very proud of its great achievement…But to drum up more business so it stays open and maintains it’s flawless vibes..You really must look into marketing our local schools..Offering discounts for families, attending our school fates, competitions to win free or discounted tickets, just ple ty of opportunities to enable your local residents to enjoy..Having a area where local schools can showcase there ideas for future entertainment..As our children are Dreamlands future..

  4. The Dreamland organisation is doing a first-class job that hotel on the front will be amazing. I know we can’t live in the past and Dreamland is now the future and all that goes with it which should be as promised when the sun deck was dismantled we were promised a new one although it will be a little smaller there was a lot of entertainment on that. And this one more item missing from Margate the jetty with a lifeboat station that can launch in less than 10 minutes. I find it very strange all other seaside resorts have put the jetties back in place has not been a mention of this one in years. Has been lots of plans put forward for the Lido but turned down by the council I remember over the years the council saying we need private enterprise have been many many plans put forward Yes get turned down every time.

  5. The hotel needs something else to keep it going all year round. A spa hotel, where people will go for the day or for a few days break would bring jobs and visitors to the area. Hen weekends and business would use it. As well as locals.

  6. Why not have an Indoor Family Entertainment Centres, featuring Sports, Racing, Shooting and Golf Simulators? So that the building is very busy all year round, attracting people of all ages to be entertained.

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