Digital plaques revealing Thanet’s rich history

One of the new plaques Photo Brian Whitehead

A new series of digital plaques revealing Thanet’s historical tales have been installed across the isle

The plaques give a snippet of information and invite people to enter a code to learn more about that location and details of a historical figure and/or films, audio and images before discovering more locations associated with the plaque

The Digital Interpretation Plaques have been developed as part of the Coastal Community funded Discover Thanet Coast’s Project. ​

Thanet council tourism staff, town councils, isle groups and societies have helped with the project including providing valuable stories, photographs, film and more.

Photo Visit Ramsgate

Find the plaques:

St Mildred’s Bay – Telling the story of the Royal Air Service Station and development of Manston airfield

Nayland Rock Shelter – Telling the story of TS Eliot writing part of ‘The Waste Land’ here

Turner’s Margate – The story of Turner and his love of Margate

Margate Lido – Explore sea bathing and the grandeur of the former Lido site

Joss Bay -Smuggling tales, including that of Joss Snelling

Dickens’ Broadstairs – Dickens’ connection to his favourite holiday destination

Italianate Glasshouse – Explore the story behind the Greenhouse, why it’s there and the fabulous blooming agave

Pugin’s Grange –  To signify Pugin’s importance to Ramsgate,plus explore the importance of Pegwell Bay’s nature designations, history and geology

Viking Ship ‘Hugin’ – Communicating the story of the ship

Minster Abbey – The story of the Abbey