Remain campaign ‘monstrosity’ van heads to Margate

Heading to Margate

You might spot this unusual van making its way into Margate today (March 17).

The ‘Brexit Monstrosity’ van is on tour in Kent and Essex and due to arrive at Turner Contemporary between 3pm and 4pm.

Remain campaigners are promoting the People’s March on Saturday, March 23 and will be performing musical satire on the route.

The visit comes as the withdrawal date of the UK from the EU on March 29 is now clouded by doubt.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has reportedly told the BBC that it is now “physically impossible” to leave on March 29 and a delay will be needed to pass legislation.

Earlier this week MPs voted for an extension either until June 30 if  there is support for the latest deal tabled by Prime Minister Theresa May or longer if the deal is rejected for the third time.

Legally the UK is still due to leave the EU on March 29 and will need the 27 EU member states to agree to any extension.

The PM is expected to make a statement in the House of Commons tomorrow on what she plans to do.

The deadline for MPs to agree a Brexit deal in order for the PM to seek a delay until June 30 is this Wednesday (March 20).

In the 2016 EU referendum Thanet voted 63.8% Leave and 36.2% Remain.


    • A bit early, really. After nearly three years of discovering that leaving the EU is very difficult, we are due to have a more informed vote.

      I don’t blame the politicians for struggling to find a Brexit formula they can all agree on. After all, the British voters were hopelessly divided as well. Nothing got anything like a majority during the old referendum. “Leave” got 37% of eligible voters. “Remain” got about 36% and 27% didn’t vote at all. So Parliament has had to struggle on ever since, often pretending they are “following the wishes of the British people” but, as there was no clear majority for anything, the MPs are reduced to claiming they know what the British people meant by the referendum. But they don’t. There are few indications of what the public really want. Complaining that the politicians should “just get on with it” is the biggest cop out of the lot. Anybody who says this should be asked what THEY mean by “getting on with it”. And asked for their precise advice about future policy. Because “just get on with it” isn’t a policy. It is admitting that the person doesn’t have a clue about what to do. But wants to blame somebody else for whatever isn’t going right. Which may well sum up why a lot of people voted “Leave”.

      • A ridiculous argument from start to finish. You may as well say to a remainer ‘What do you mean by remain?’ Stay and pay billions? Join an EU superstate, lose parliament and be ruled by Brussels? Give up all sovereignty and have all laws made in Belgium? Just saying ‘remain’ is not a policy, THEY should be asked exactly what precise advice they have to remain. If they say ‘Just remain’ then they are admitting they have no clue about it. They just want to blame someone else for whatever is not going right for them which sums up the sheer arrogance of the remain side. It clearly demonstrates the disgusting remain side and their endless collusion to overturn the vote.

  1. Leave now we don’t need a deal our vote must be carried out at the next vote I won’t be voting labour or conservatives they should all resign thes country belongs to the people we put them in we can vote them out I will vote for Nigel farage and UKIP if they at the next pole

    • If we leave without a deal, it would be a complete disaster for the UK. We’re very tightly bound together: business, industry, banking, legislation, … It simply isn’t possible to just walk away from Europe. That’s why a majority of MPs voted against a no deal Brexit. Everyone with a scrap of sense understands that.
      BTW: Nigel Garage has nothing to do with UKIP. He’s a member of the Brexit party.

  2. Leave or remain I think the real horror, the real failing, the real disaster has been the performance of 650 MP’s who have spent the last two years running their own private ego trips despite what was needed. was a united front, it reminds me of the saying ‘a house divided can not stand’ with their petty ego trips they nave destroyed this country they have left it more divided than any time since the civil war. They are a disgrace every single one of them.

    • I agree. The rot set off with Cameron, who precipitated this whole sorry mess. Quickly followed by Cornyn, promising to uphold the wishes of the people. Compounded by May, who with great vision, foresight and political acumen called a snap election that removed her majority.
      Then we’ve seen two years of positioning, posturing and praying about as members of the Cabinet, Shadow Cabinet, front and back benches jostle for pole (not poll!) position. Vacuous pleas to put parliament and country before party and personal ambition have fallen and continue to fall on deaf ears.

  3. Forget business / trade / banking / legislation / money isn’t the issue its immigrants,there’s 400,000 North-Africans (and sub-saharan Africans)that’s a total of “54” countries all making their way through Europe, thanks to “Angela Merkel” opening the door, 600,000 Muslims all congregated around:seine-saint-denis, thousands turning up weekly at (gare de la rochelle) no tickets required as the Swiss /German /Italian and many more governments want them gone so free passage is supplied,and all from the African countries, not Syrian refugees,( no ), just economic migrants, and that’s without the schengen agreement, right of movement wth, these excuses politicians throwing around dont wash, well they might to the less educated population of the UK, look on the ync and look up street justice, these are the people waiting in Paris for an opening, foolish comments about business / infrastructure / trade / legislation / cash orientated, its only the wealthy who are bricking it, so us people on the streets have to suffer so they can prosper?

  4. Just so happens there’s a media blanket on the subject, dumb the British people down, if everyone knew that then Brexit would of ended long time ago with no deal, also these countries cannot afford to lose Britains custom… We are more powerful than the media portrays us..

  5. Analogy:I brought a lottery ticket but the result wasn’t the one i was after, so I want another go for free until it does go the way i wanted?? Derrr, leave means?? Yep leave.. Get over it.. # M E G A.

    • There was an advisory referendum and a small (in percentage terms) majority advised the government that they would like to leave the EU. As Keefogs says above, 27% of eligible voters didn’t vote. The events following this referendum still don’t make it anything but a referendum with mishandled aftermath.

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