Newington Needs You – residents invited to community meeting

Cliff Stokes; Ramsgate with Tricia Hartley. Karen Constantine and Susan Kennedy;

Families and friends in Newington are being invited to a public meeting on Wednesday, March 20 to discuss ways to improve the community.

The idea is to create a long term plan to tackle areas such as parking, road safety, rubbish and litter, more community policing, improving street lighting and landscaping and discussing other facilities needed.

Hundreds of leaflets have been posted through doors bearing the simple yet effective message ‘Your Newington Community Needs You!’

The message is clear: “We are proud of our community and believe strongly that Newington matters – please join us to discuss the way forward for Newington.”

The initiative comes from  Newington Community Primary School Head Teacher Cliff Stokes; Ramsgate town councillors Tricia Hartley and Susan Kennedy and Ramsgate’s Kent County Council representatives Karen Constantine and Paul Messenger.

Mr Stokes said: “The aim is to hold a meeting where ideas can be expressed and aired with a progressive framework put in place so they can believe in their community and help themselves to improve Newington, which has already progressed hugely in the last decade.”

Cllr Tricia Hartley added: “There are lots of exciting things happening for the community and I have been so impressed with the way that people really embrace change and want to move forward. The public meeting will hopefully continue that momentum and further the feeling of pride that exists.”

Cllr Susan Kennedy agreed, saying: “The enthusiasm for Newington to continue to improve as a place in which to live and work is clearly there. Our aim is to encourage residents to team up and support each other to forge improvements where they believe they needed for the benefit of all.”

And Cllr Karen Constantine added: “This idea is to underpin a platform for change, to give residents the opportunity to discuss what they believe their area needs and to closely. Further fostering a sense of togetherness is important and people can help each other achieve more for their area together.”

The leaflet invites residents to contact the individuals involved via email if they require further information.

Newington Matters public meeting is on Wednesday, March 20, at 7pm, at Newington Community Primary School in Princess Margaret Avenue.