Ross Andrews exhibition in Margate catches waves in Motion

Motion by Ross Andrews

Thanet artist Ross Andrews will hold his latest exhibition in Margate this month.

Motion opens at Pie Factory gallery in Broad Street on March 22. The exhibition brings an up close perspective of the ocean waves captured within a split second. It will show an unfamiliar view from within the wave capturing all of the detail as it is in full motion.

Awareness, patience and timing are key elements to Ross’ work.  Some pieces can take over two years to capture and with a very small window of opportunity all of the elements have to simultaneously come together. It is about combining photography, art and science whilst battling the elements of the sea, often at its most fierce.

Ross’ work has been showcased on TV on a number of occasions which has seen an increase in visitors viewing his exhibitions. He is an artist who uses the natural environment as his canvas.

He also draws huge sand images and uses ‘extreme’ photography to push himself physically in capturing the life and power of the sea.

His wealth of knowledge, science and years of experience of local coastal surroundings provides a sound basis for his creative endeavours.

Where and when

Pie Factory

5 Broad Street


March 22 – April 2, 10am – 5:30pm daily