This is Your Life project at Upton Junior School

This is Your Life

Children have been tracing the history of their own young lives.

The timeline project for Year 3 and 4 pupils at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs involved creating an interactive book using photographs from home.

Different design features were modelled and used including turns, spinners, flaps, pull tabs, pop-out features and springs.

Children were joined by their parents for the project in the main hall with a wide range of materials available to help make their books creative and engaging.

Teacher Corrine Hayes, who co-ordinated the creative event, said it was very popular and resulted in an interesting range of ideas and books.

She said: “This project allowed parents to come in and experience an activity with their child, importantly it provided them with an insight into a Design Technology/Art lesson at Upton.

“The children also developed history skills through chronology of their life and family tree; DT skills via a range of design skills explored and used; Art skills through employing a range of resources to make the pages look attractive and engaging with well-arranged features.”

Head of School Darci Arthur said: “This was a brilliant opportunity for children to reflect on their life journey so far and to celebrate how much they have achieved and to trace how much they have grown and experienced in just a few years.

“We are keen on pupil and parent engagement events throughout the year at Upton. Families play a vital role in their children’s education and encouraging them to visit school and join in projects like this enables them to understand first hand the many and varied skills their sons and daughters are developing.

“The children produced some interesting, colourful, imaginative and thought-provoking books which were an excellent snapshot into their young lives.”