Broadstairs dad with height phobia quits 30 year nursing career for gutter cleaning franchise

Career change for Angus

A Broadstairs dad-of-five has quit a 30 year nursing career to take on a franchise cleaning gutters – even though he is afraid of heights

The complete career change for Angus King was prompted by a desire for a lifestyle change and the ability to spend time with family.

The 50-year-old has spent 31 years  in nursing, with a short break as a residential home carer, but left his last role as a ward matron in Canterbury in December,

He said: “I achieved everything in my nursing career and far more than I ever expected when I started over 30 years ago. It’s been hard but so enjoyable, working with many wonderful people from all staff groups but as I was approaching 50 I reviewed my lifestyle and choices and thought it’s time for a career change.

“I wanted something that would give me freedom and choice as I have children still at school and I enjoy being able to drop them off and collect them.”

Angus looked for franchise possibilities and came across the Gutterpro contract. Despite it being far removed from nursing he decided to give it a go and started trading last month.

He said: “ I’ve always been a practical person and love a challenge. I looked into many different businesses but when I saw this gutter clearing and cleaning business using a powerful vacuum, all from the floor, no need for ladders or scaffolding, I thought it was ideal.-especially I have a height phobia.

“The amount of people that fall of ladders and have serious injuries each year is huge and I thought at least I would still be helping out the NHS by reducing the need for people to go up ladders to clear their gutters, hopefully reducing the amount of falls!”

The change of career also means retirement is a lot further away. Angus said: “I was only five years off early retirement and a pension. Now it will be another 17 years but I will grow the business and see how well it does.”

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