Childhood sexual abuse survivors discussion event to be held in Margate

Voicing CSA

An organisation which works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse is planning to hold a discussion event in Margate.

Voicing CSA, which helps victims to speak out and be listened to and to find the proper channels to help them in recovery, will have guest speakers and a discussion at the event.

Birchington councillor Suzanne Brimm is helping the organisation to organise the conference.

Cllr Suzanne Brimm at the London conference

Cllr Brimm spoke at CSA conference in London last November in connection with her work with a mother fighting for justice after her boys were targeted by paedophiles.

Two of those responsible for the crimes are now dead and another, Arnold Bracs, was jailed for life, with a minimum tariff of 15 years, in 2013 but it was not until last year that Kent County Council apologised for failings to investigate and an ‘unacceptably long’ delay in interviewing one of the young victims.

Cllr Brimm told the gathering she had been working with the family for 18 months and had managed to bring national attention to the case. She also spoke of how the horror of the case had made her “physically sick.”

The family are hoping further victims of Bracs, who had 12 previous convictions, will come forward.

Voicing CSA is planning to launch a campaign for a law change so local authorities and other government agencies have to hold relevant records for children over a long-term period. This is due to the often substantial time period before people, particularly men, disclose childhood abuse.

Anyone who would like to attend the event can contact Cllr Brimm via email at [email protected]

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