Chilton primary pupils take to the airwaves

Chilton primary pupils at the Heart studio

Young broadcasters have created their own radio advert for Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate.

Pupils from the school’s Junior Leadership Team were given the chance to make their promo when they visited Heart FM’s Kent station at Whitstable.

The pupils met with the creative copywriter who explained about his job and how it helps businesses and organisations get their information ready for broadcast as an advert.

The Chilton team then spoke into the mic as their advert was recorded, with special sound effects being added.

During the educational visit, the children had the opportunity to visit the live studio where presenters James and Becky were on air broadcasting to listeners all around the county and beyond – and they had to remember to be silent when the red ‘on air’ light was showing.

Assistant Head of School Hannah Cheshire, who accompanied the JLT members, said: “It was a fantastic visit and it gave us the chance to see just what goes in to the various parts of radio station. It was a real eye opener.

“The children also enjoyed a question and answer session with James, Becky and their show producer Matt who told them how they came to work on the radio.

“They also met Emma Liddiard, the Managing Director of Global Radio Kent who explained what it takes to become leader of a big media group.

“Big thanks go to all the people we met at Heart FM and to Clare Bell for organising this amazing opportunity.”

The children couldn’t wait to tell their families, friends and teachers about their adventures in radio-land, and James spoke for many when he said : “This was the best day of my life.”

Heart Kent (previously Invicta FM) is a local radio station owned and operated by Global Radio as part of the Heart network. It broadcasts to Kent from studios at John Wilson Business Park in Whitstable.