Two arrested following 700 cannabis plant discovery in Ramsgate

Plants discovered

Two people are to appear in court after cannabis worth an estimated street value of £1 million pounds was found in a Ramsgate property.

Officers from the Thanet Community Policing Team uncovered cannabis cultivation at the property in Cliff Street at around 8am on Friday (January 11).

An estimated 700 plants at various stages of growth were seized, along with drying cannabis.

The officers, supported by PCSOs, dismantled the cultivation equipment which was found in a number of rooms across the property.

Geraldo Hoxha, 23, and Gazmend Kurtaj, 43, both of no fixed address, were charged with production of cannabis on Saturday 12 January 2019.

They have been remanded in custody to appear at Canterbury Magistrates’ Court on January 19.

Detective Inspector Keith Taylor said: “If people have any concerns that illegal drug activity is taking place in their street or community, we urge them to report it, either via 101 (or 999 if a crime is in progress) or by using our online reporting form.”


  1. What’s the point in reporting it as nothing ever gets done. We have drug infestation in our neighbourhood which we have been reporting over and over for months and years with no action by the police. They don’t have the manpower to follow it up.

  2. There seems to be some misunderstanding on the part of many people about the harm caused by drugs. This haul had a street value of £1 million. Where do you think the purchasers were planning to get the £1 million? That’s right. A large chunk of this money would come from the proceeds of crime. If you report drug dealers and clamp down on illegal drugs, you reduce other types of crime.

    • The war in drugs has long been shown to have been farcical-right back to the days of Billie Holiday being hounded by arch hypocrite Harry Anslinger who ended up hooked on them himself with no hint of irony & indeed using his stroke even when retired to keep that quiet via threats. The first thing Reagan did after announcing his war on drugs in the 1980’s was to sack huge numbers of the US coastguard & how can we forget Iran/Contra & the crack epidemic that exploded in the US under his watch?

      These places are run by patsies like these two homeless guys, Asian immigrants for chump change while the bosses take virtually all the money with none of the risk. The idiots who get caught at Dover with lorries full of Heroin or Cocaine & end up going to prison for 10 years means nothing-they are the bottom of the food chain & even a lost shipment doesn’t make a huge difference to those at the top because they got another four through undetected.

      It is easy collars & gives the impression of actually winning the war on drugs when the reality is the amount on the streets is bigger than ever & the drugs killing most people or getting them hooked to walk around like zombies are legally prescribed by our doctors. And no-I don;t take any drugs legal or illegal, don’t drink & don’t smoke, my views are purely based on the reality of nearly a century of these various policies not working. Wow, thank goodness we got those evil cannabis plants off the streets-yet people can legally buy two of the most dangerous drugs out there in alcohol & tobacco which have caused untold deaths, pain & misery, just make it legal & tax it like the government do them.

  3. Legalisation would take this product out of the hands of criminals coupled with decriminalisation and better rehab methods we could reduce the income from drugs to criminals.

    Prohibition fuels crimes we need to reexamine the effectiveness of this policy.

    • Yes-prohibition of alcohol & various meats in the US & Canada was a total disaster-has been the media panic & subsequent war on drugs that used to be prescribed by doctors in a safe environment & of a pure quality-this led to people buying all kinds of street drugs laced with dangerous products & using dirty needles-causing HIV, Hepatitis & other infections, which also led to many people then receiving the dirty blood from them when they were locked up that has killed & ruined countless lives.

      The governments scientific committee told Labour not to upgrade Cannabis a decade ago-but more interested in middle class voter pleasing & to appease the tabloids they did just that. The evidence showed that it was far less harmful than alcohol & tobacco-both legal & taxed in the UK. Look at the situation in the US now-pot is illegal, yet a doctor can write out a prescription for an opiate like Fentanyl which has replaced the prior wonder pain drug Oxycontin-both of which hooked large swathes of the nation & has led to an incredible number of deaths, but don’t smoke that joint & relax.

  4. The vast majority of people who are smoking weed are not doing so for any (as yet unproven) therapeutic benefit it may have. It is a recreational drug. The people who are recommending that it should be legalised and that doctors should somehow be involved in dispensing it seem to have missed this point. Doctors aren’t, and shouldn’t be involved in dispensing recreational drugs. Those who want to see it legalised need to sort this out themselves. They need to pay for the appropriate safety trials to be conducted and they need to set up a company to sell the product once they get the relevant permissions. Their company will need to be fully insured to cover the very real possibility that cannabis use is linked to a wide range of mental health conditions. Anyone affected would have a right to sue the private company which sold the poison to them. Of course, the costs of doing this will mean that “legal” cannabis would be far more expensive than the backyard, bootleg stuff that is currently on offer. If your motivation in seeing it legalised is to, somehow, make it cheaper you haven’t done your sums.

    • Erm & what health/theraputic benefits do drinking alcohol & smoking cigarettes bring exactly? Both are addictive substances that cause misery for users & others via liver problems, cancers, breathing problems, violence at chucking out time, clogging up the A&E department due to fights, falls etc & our hospitals long-term with the health problems they bring. Are these not recreational drugs? The only difference is they are accepted by society, just like there is zero difference between pig meat & horse meat-but because little girls are given horses as pets to ride around as a society we see them as sacred while pigs are fine to eat & so it turned into a scandal. There is no logic behind it.

      The science which the government ignored form their own scientific advisors is clear-Marijuana is a long way behind both booze & fags in terms of the health issues including mental health problems, yet one is demonised, one has recentlty become unfashionable-yet is still hugely popular among addicts the Tobacco industry hooked on it in decades past & the other one which sees violence, vomit laden streets & our hospitals clogged up on the weekends is seen as normal.

      To my knowledge nobody has sued the alcohol & tobacco companies for damage caused-so why would it be the case for weed? The trials have already been done-people generally don’t die from smoking dope, sure you can have a bad reaction to it-but it is far less likely than a bad reaction to nuts, dairy, or something in a takeaway or bakery-available to all legally & as we have seen fatal to people & you aren’t going to call for a ban on supermarkets, Greggs & fast food outlets.

      Pricing is irrelevant for most-cigarette companies now charge a tenner or so for a pack-with pictures of diseased lungs, hearts, cancerous mouths with big warning signs on that their product kills & yet people still pay the premium for it. People pay vast amounts on copious amountsof booze on a night out-then regurgitate it on the street, collapse & end up in Hospital having their stomach pumped & being told their liver is not in good shape & do it again the next weekend.

  5. With all the legal prescribed drugs, cigarettes and alcohol there are high taxes. So you still get the underworld trade of cheap and fake fags, alcohol and drugs. You won’t solve the issue by making the illegal drugs legal as the prices will rise with the tax and the underworld will still stay active with growing their own, bringing it in from overseas, and using patsies to sell it for them.

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