Police appeal after driver smashes vehicle with mum-to-be and four-year-old inside and flees scene in Ramsgate

Emergency services

Police are appealing for witnesses, or drivers who had their car damaged, after a motorist hit queuing cars and reportedly jumped a red light in Ramsgate on Wednesday (January 9).

The incident took place in Ellington Place at the junction with St Lawrence High Street at around 8.30am.

Ramsgate mum-to-be Sian Pittock was in Ellington Place, with her partner  Simon and her four-year-old stepson, when a driver pushed through the queuing traffic and ended up smashing into the side of her car before driving off.

‘School run’

Sian, 23, said: “We were on the school run and were waiting in stationary traffic near Lewis Carpets. Then this blue Rover came out of nowhere on the wrong side of the road. Another car on the right side of the road swerved to avoid it and then the Rover smashed into us. We hit the car in front and were pushed into the railings.

“They didn’t even stop, just squeezed through the gap on the wrong side of the road right by the school. It’s disgusting, luckily no children were crossing and the impact was on the other side to where my stepson was.

“It could have been a lot worse.”

Simon managed to get the car number plate after jumping out of the vehicle. This has been passed to police.

Another witness saw the Rover overtake the line of traffic on the High Street to the roundabout and head off towards Newington.


Sian said her car was scraped and dented in the crash and one back door cannot be opened.

She said: “You just don’t expect it, sitting in traffic and then a car comes and speed and hits you. It was quite scary. We all went to hospital, just to get checked, especially as I am pregnant so was worried. Luckily baby is fine and healthy.”

Witness appeal

Kent Police say no damaged cars were found at the scene when officers arrived but are appealing for anyone affected, or who witnessed the incident, to get in touch. They confirmed a report of damage has since been received.

A spokesman said: “Kent Police was called to Ellington Place, Ramsgate at 8.38am on Wednesday 9 January where a car had allegedly collided with a number of parked cars.

“Officers attended the scene however no damaged cars were found. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call 01843 222289 quoting reference 09-0277.”

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  1. At the same time a white cosworth lotus was overtaking cars (myself included) on the wrong side of the road and traffic islands going down Nethercourt hill. It forced many drivers to take evasive actions to avoid a multiple crash. Good job I have a dashcam.This car had a ‘V’ personalized registration so other drivers be very aware plate!

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