Thanet Coast team issues warning after dead seal reported on Margate sands

Margate Main Sands

The coast team at Thanet council is warning to public not to approach a dead seal reported to be on Margate Main Sands.

The Thanet Coast: NE Kent Marine Protected Area team said: “Please keep dogs away from stranded dead mammals as they may have infectious and transferable diseases!

“There have had a number of strandings reported in the last couple of weeks – and this increase may be associated with large population numbers in our area, but sadly may also reflect some predation by larger animals.

“Our team is putting signs up and will cordon the area until it can be collected tomorrow.”

To report sightings of dead seals contact:
Thanet Council 01843 577000 for the Thanet Coastline.

Please describe the stranding:
– the species, if known, amd condition
(eg fresh; decomposed; scarred)
– location,
– date/time seen
– if you have taken an image please send your picture to:
[email protected] and  [email protected] 
(CSIP/Natural History Museum)

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  1. ‘Predation of some larger animal’ makes such a refreshing changel from being hounded and bludgeoned to death by man.

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