Pupils enjoy puppet-making fun at Newington primary school

Toys have been the subject of the latest project at Newington primary

Year 1 pupils at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate have completed a magical project.

It all began when The Magic Toymaker left children a note asking them to make him some toys for his workshop.

Head of Year 1 Daniella Jamieson said: “We have learnt about old and new toys, what toys are made of, toys from other countries and we have investigated which material is best to create a toy to play with in the bath.”

To bring the topic to an end, pupils were challenged to design and make a hand puppet to use in a puppet show.

Mrs Jamieson added: “We practised a running stitch and added decorations to our material glove puppet designs to bring our character to life. The results were great and the puppet shows were fun and interesting.”

Head teacher Cliff Stokes added: “The Magic Toymaker made a big impact on learning for our Year 1 children. They discovered a lot of new skills, worked together and shared their ideas with one another, and collaborated on a show using hand puppets they had made.

“Learning in this way is very successful and we can’t wait to see what Year 1 and their teachers get up to next.”