Margate businesswoman launches Thanet’s Got Talent to raise funds for surgery

Ingrid is raising funds to pay for surgery after being turned down by the NHS

A Margate sign company owner is hoping to raise £20,000 so she can have surgery after being turned down for NHS treatment three times.

Ingrid Payne, from Margate, suffers from lipoedema which is a long-term condition where there’s an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks, and sometimes in the arms.

The typical symptoms are a large lower half and column-like legs, which are often tender and bruise easily. For example, the top half of a sufferer’s body may be a size 8, but the bottom half may be a size 16.

This becomes painful and can lead to immobility. The cause of lipoedema is not known but it affects women almost exclusively and is thought to be linked to hormones.  The disease affects around 11% of women

Mum-of-one Ingrid says the only treatment available is liposuction but with costs in the UK in the region of £30,000 she is now trying to raise money for cheaper treatment abroad.

She said: “ My arms and legs are painful and lumpy with diseased, sebaceous fat. If not removed it cannot be treated- I will become immobile as the fat spreads and begins to hang. It then affects the vascular system and causes lymphodema -fluid retention and tissue swelling. The only treatment is liposuction but because that is classed as cosmetic surgery – even though I have a disease- I have been declined funding for NHS surgery twice and have one more application going in. I am going to have my surgery abroad as it is approximately £30,000 to have done in the UK.

“I have been arranging fundraisers, such as fairs and quizzes, and am now arranging a Thanet’s Got Talent event.”

Auditions are being held for hopefuls competing for the top prize of £500 and the opportunity to perform at a venue.

The next auditions are being held  at Margate FC on January 17, from 6pm. £5 entrance fee. The finals are due to be held in June.

Ingrid is appealing for event sponsors and prize donations. She hopes to raise £20,000 through her events.

Find the Thanet’s Got Talent event page here

Find Ingrid’s fundraising page here

Find out more about Lipoedema here


  1. Anyone with any enquiries or donations please message me. Thanets Got Talent can be found on facebook with details of venues and audition dates.

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