Margate mum says son saved from serious injury in College Road crash due to protective clothing

Christine says son Josh could have suffered worse injuries

A Margate mum says her son was saved from serious injury in a road crash last night (December 18) due to wearing the proper protective clothing.

Christine Tollington says the outcome for son Josh, 22, could have been a “different story” without the protection.

Josh was on his bike in College Road, Margate, at 5.40pm when the collision with a Mini took place.

Christine said: “He was sent through the air and then hit a BMW just above the wheel arch with his head.

“Luckily, he had his crash helmet on which dented the car. Josh then landed in front of the BMW just under the bonnet, by the wheels. A lady held his head straight and a man kept him warm. “They both talked to him throughout keeping him calm.

“He was taken to hospital and released with stitches in his knee and very sore on his left side. He is resting and has had painkillers but seems to be doing well.”

Christine says Josh was kitted out in proper motorbike clothing to make sure he was visible and protected.

She said: “Josh has LED lights that run either side of his bike, the headlight on and reflective motorbike clothing.

“Thank God for motorbike clothing and the crash helmet or it would have been a different story.”

Josh is now recovering at home.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 5.40pm to reports of a collision involving a car and a motorbike on College Road, Margate.

“Officers attended the scene with South East Coast Ambulance Service and a motorcyclist was taken to a local hospital for treatment.”

Police enquiries are ongoing.

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  1. Almost the same spot poor Vince was hit earlier this year! There have been loads of accidents over the years in this stretch of road.
    A very lucky young man to have escaped serious injury.

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