Margate artist Kate Harrison creates piece for megastar Adele

Artist Kate Harrison Photo Gabrielle Hall

When a Margate artist was commissioned to create a piece for a well-known comedian little did she know it would end up at global megastar Adele’s LA home.

Kate Harrison, who lives in Cliftonville, began creating personalised dioramas after producing a piece for Athelstan Road studio, Resort.

The pieces feature intricate works which includes miniature models with real life wings of dead bees and flora found around Thanet.

After attending a number of art fairs in London the former marketing manager was approached by her agent who said comedian Alan Carr was interested in a piece.

Kate said: “I was working at the Affordable Art Fair in 2016 and Alan Carr bought a piece called Fly School, which was made using the wings of real flies; I was also commissioned to make a piece for department store, Liberty based on the theme, London Bricks.”

Several other high-profile customers followed, including a commission for the topper of the wedding cake created for Marcus Mumford and Great Gatsby actor, Carey Mulligan.

The creation made for Alan Carr to give to Adele

Community advocate Kate moved to Thanet in 2012 and found inspiration from Margate octogenarian, Len Dobson who she met through work.

“Len had this amazing models of the Tudor House and he even made a full replica of Coronation Street for his late wife who was a fan,” she said.

Using anything from bees to shells on the beach Kate’s art is a homage to the natural world. “I began to use insects for my work as I loved the idea of breathing new life into something and providing a story,” she said.

After experimenting with bricks and tiny globes called dioramas Kate was soon exhibiting in galleries and exhibitions and secured an agent.

“I was told Alan Carr wanted a bespoke piece which was great but then I heard it was Adele I was quite excited and flattered.

“He provided some information so that I could personalise it; he wanted a leaving gift because she was moving with her family to LA.”

The piece was created with a play on words using her lyrics and the Hello singer’s best friends waving goodbye – the singer was to later famously become ordained so she could marry Alan Carr and his longterm partner at her new Hollywood home.

Insects are used for art work

After spending months painstakingly creating the piece there was a further shock as the artist was requested to deliver the present in person to Adele in London.

“I was invited to attend a restaurant where I was to present her with the gift, it was quite a strange experience as there were a lot of people around her; she liked the artwork and apparently it is kept in her office at her new home!”

Despite reaching the homes of the rich and famous Kate is focused on creating pieces for her new shared shop the very aptly named The Little Shop on Northdown.

Sharing the space with jewellers the Northdown Road venture is her first commercial premises.