National Grid to investigate as two swans die after suspected strike with powerlines

Bird diverters which are designed to prevent birds coming into contact with the powerline.

National Grid says it will investigate after a report of two swans dying after hitting powerlines on Minster marshes.

The birds were found by workers.

The site has overhead powerlines from National Grid’s new Richborough Connection project and from UK Power Networks. It is not clear which of the powerlines the birds hit.

A National Grid spokesperson said: “In planning the route of the overhead line, we carried out ornithology surveys, worked with Natural England and took into account previous reports of bird strikes received by UK Power Networks on their lines in the area.

“We shared the information we gathered with the planning inspector and when we received our Development Consent Order (DCO) from the Government to build the line it contained requirements on us to install bird diverters in specific locations on the line in areas where bird strikes had previously been reported.

“These areas are in Monkton and on Ash Levels. Our survey work showed that lots of swans use Minster Reservoir and directly south of the reservoir is our tower no. 51.

“We have bird diverters on that line from that tower all the way to the end of the line at Richborough. We are obviously concerned to hear that there appears to have been a bird strike and we are investigating.”