Labour Parliamentary hopeful horrified by racist sticker placed on her home

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt was horrified by the sticker

Labour’s Parliamentary hopeful for South Thanet has had a racist sticker slapped on the window of her Ramsgate home.

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt says she was horrified by the sticker which bore the National Front logo and the slogan “For Race And Nation”. Rebecca believes it may represent an attempt to stir up racial tensions in the area.

She said: “Whoever put the sticker in my window plastered it in front of a Labour Party placard. This seems a none-too-subtle attempt to try to counteract progressive politics.”

The National Front, founded in 1967, believed in the deportation of all non-white immigrants and marched a number of times in Margate in the 1990s.

Rebecca said: “During the 2015 election, members of the Labour Party and Stand Up To UKIP were attacked by the extreme right in Broadstairs. That was a deeply regrettable but inevitable result of the way Nigel Farage made immigration a major plank in his attempt to win South Thanet for UKIP.”

In the bin

Rebecca pointed to a lengthy history of local people successfully opposing racist politics.

She said: “As part of Kent Anti Racism Network, Thanet campaigners opposed the racists who marched in Dover in 2016, and an attempt later that year to stage a White Lives Matter march in Margate fizzled out spectacularly in the face of united opposition from the community.”

“Rather than tackling the plight of working people, government, minority parties and elements of the media have fanned the flames of discrimination and pitted people against each other. This is a dangerous game that can easily tip over into fascism.”

She added: “Just a few short weeks ago, we commemorated Remembrance Sunday. After World War Two, everyone said ‘never again’. To make this promise a reality, we need to stand together against prejudice wherever we encounter it.”


  1. It’s a poor reflection on our local community, that some neo-nazi low life would put their message of hate on the window of any resident, particularly Labour’s brilliant prospective candidate to be South Thanet’s MP.

    • Why is it a poor reflection on “our local community”? Are all to blame! And why make a mountain of a molehill! Could have just binned the sticker where it belongs! Or is this an opportunity to plug your political ideals, and try once again to stifle reasonable debate about immigration! And what has this got to do with Rememberance Sunday.

  2. Thanet, full of racists. Spiritual home of Britain First and UKIP Little girls racially abused walking through the park on the way home from school. Golliwogs on sale in a number of shops on the Isle. Numerous of reports of racial abuse in pubs and clubs. Maybe it’s not everyone but there’s a hell of a lot of them. It has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with backward thinking tw@s.

  3. It absolutely is important Glenn. Actions like this cannot be ignored as they reflect the wider attitude of our communities, an attitude that is increasingly more hateful. When people think it OK to do something like this (and your comment is saying it is OK) it makes them (and others) think it is then OK to continue to voice their myopic views.

    History has taught us that these ‘small’ events cannot and should not be ignored. The current political and social climate is giving credence to these hateful ideas. We must call out actions like this as NOT OK otherwise we lead ourselves towards a horrible future (for us and for our children).

  4. Re the connection with Remembrance Sunday- one reason the Allies fought against the Nazis was because of the latter’s appalling supremacist views which, of course, resulted in the Holocaust.

    Who is “trying to stifle reasonable debate about immigration”? And what would the person who put up the National Front poster be doing if not trying to “plug” their “political ideals”.

    • I would suggest you read up on 1st 2nd and subsequent conflicts, regarding who fought for what and why! Because like your Parliamentary Candidate you are clutching at straws to make yourself look like the caring party! Don’t think the recent Anti Semitic, publicity surrounding Labour, helps much, does it!

  5. Labour (and the Green Party) are “the caring party” if what’s meant by caring is “caring for society in general and not just for themselves and their mates in big business.”

    When was “the 1st conflict”? Millennia ago, I suppose.

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