Manston author publishes third novel

Carol Salter with her latest book

Thanet author Carol Salter has launched her  third full-length novel.

Gristle’s Revenge is a follow-on story to her book Witch on the Warpath. Set 12 years on from the first tale, it begins when Purity, Harty Springfield’s daughter, is kidnapped whilst out foraging with her mother Shine, on the Royal Esplanade in Ramsgate.

Naturally, Shine is devastated and Harty vows to find Purity and bring her home safely. With his BFF, Onk the city troll, they set out on the adventure of several lifetimes.

The two friends face a whole boat load of dangers. Can they locate Purity before something awful happens to her and why is that horrible witch Gristle involved?

Carol lives in Manston and is the Chair and Founder of Inspirations Writers Group, who published their third anthology Yellow in November.

Carol will b holding a book signing event on December 8 at the Sandwich Festival.

To find out more about the author and her books click here

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  1. Hi Kathy.
    Just read the piece you put in the paper for me. Thank you so much. Your support is really appreciated. Sometimes I think I picked the wrong time to become an author, but it is who I am and I do love writing.
    Speak soon and thank you again.
    Regards Carol

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