C is for curiosity at Newington nursery classes

Nursery children at Newington

C is for Curiosity when it comes to learning for three years olds at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

Exploring their world as they learn through practical experience is an important building block as they start their formal journey, mixing discovery, challenge and fun in equal measures.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Curiosity is one of our core values and we encourage our three and four year olds to question things and to ask why. This is crucial as they start to fill in gaps in their knowledge – it is important to question and not just accept.

“Finding out about their school, their classmates, teachers and staff, their routines, and the huge array of learning open to them through guided teaching is critical in their personal development.”

Parents are encouraged to visit the nursery to work alongside their children and establish a link between school and home.

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Mr Stokes said: “Nursery age children are capable of so much and it is fascinating to see how quickly they expand their knowledge through the basics of reading, writing and maths. They really develop as people during the first few terms in school.”

The nursery team is led by teacher Sam Sholl, who said: “Every day is an adventure for our children and they are continuously learning new things as they build the basics of learning into their lives. We also encourage them to expand their inter-personal and communication skills, which helps increase self-confidence.”

Newington nursery has 60 young children who are split into morning and afternoon sessions.

Mr Stokes added: “It is clear from the way that our pupils develop as they move into Reception classes and further on into our school that the work at nursery level is critical.”

At the most recent Ofsted inspection last year, inspectors found the nursery provision at Newington to be outstanding, as they did with all features of the school.