Ramsgate RNLI at work to keep steam tug Cervia afloat as she takes on water

The tug Cervia

Ramsgate RNLI are currently working to keep the post-war steam tug Cervia afloat in Ramsgate harbour after she began to take on water.

Photos Neil Morgan and Karen Cox

An RNLI spokesperson said the 320 ton vessel, built in 1946 as a seagoing tug for use as a fleet auxiliary, has a ‘large hole; that the crew has sandbagged. It is not yet known how this was caused.

Photo Neil Morgan

They added: ” There are two lifeboat pumps and those pumps are holding ingress at present.”

The Cervia has been in Ramsgate since 1983.

Photo Mike Nichols

We will keep you updated with progress.

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  1. If anyone can save you his lovely vessel the RNLI can. So glad it’s in the Harbour, and safer for RNLI Crew. Well done.

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