Monkton Stargazers call out for volunteers

Natalia Garrett from the Stargazers talking to visitors about our night sky

The Monkton Stargazers group desperately needs more volunteers due the growing popularity of its astronomy events.

The group is based at Monkton Nature Reserve where it uses the two observatories.

Members hold several public viewing events each year and impromptu sessions when the weather is clear.

John Hislop, from the Stargazers, said: “The Monkton Stargazers need helpers to run astronomy events at the Monkton Nature Reserve. We need people to welcome visitors at the reception or simply to serve tea and coffee in the cabin. We need volunteers who know the constellations or are willing to learn and help others appreciate the wonders of the night sky.”

To find out more see the reserve website or find the group on facebook here