The reason a huge rig is currently in Ramsgate port

The rig at Ramsgate Port Photo Brian Whitehead

A huge ‘rig’ vessel in Ramsgate Port is currently being held in storage.

The rig, a pedestal mounted crane on a jack-up platform, was brought in today (November 23) and is expected to remain over the winter.

A second rig has been brought in for work to replace steel piles that the fishermen’s pontoons are secured to.

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The piles were damaged during the ‘Beast from the East’ storms in February which battered the isle, and the country, with bitterly cold winds and snow.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “The vessel currently at Ramsgate Port is the Fugro ‘Excalibur’ jack up vessel. It was piloted by our Assistant Harbour Master and Pilot.

“Excalibur has just completed wind farm construction survey works in France. It will be laying up in Ramsgate until its next contract.”

Photos Brian Whitehead